An early Boomershoot nightmare

Last year it wasn’t until mid-April that Ry and I started having nightmares.  But as I mentioned before things are very dry this year (except for the private party tomorrow when it is supposed to rain all day).  So this morning I was dreaming about the shooting line filled with eager participants.  I give the signal to commence fire and people bring their laser range finders to bear on the various targets.  Like some science fiction movie the hillside is turned into narrow streaks of fire and clouds of smoke and dust as the laser beams instantly ignite the grass and detonate the targets.  The startled shooters jerk their range finders in random directions and the streaks of fire erupt over not just the hillside target area but the fields and trees on both sides and some even ignite the grass in narrow paths from the distant hillside to the feet of the shooter.  At least 80 acres of fields and woods is fiercely ablaze within a couple seconds.  The booms from the first reactive target detonations reach me and I wake up.