Quote of the day—Michael Martin

We are disappointed the legislature focused on this issue when there are bigger issues like assault weapons, and universal background checks at gun shows,

Michael Martin
Washington Ceasefire member
March 29, 2011
State Senate approves use of gun ‘silencers’
[That’s just the way we like for Washington Ceasefire members to be, “Disappointed”.

I wonder what Martin did when he found out Governor Gregoire signed the bill into law today? Sobbing uncontrollably works for me too.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Martin

  1. He’ll probably get a sore tummy and a headache when he hears what may be in store for SBR/SBS later…
    Maybe I’ll go to the Goodwill and get him a “Boo Boo” bear he can cuddle while he sobs and rocks back and forth while sucking on his thumb..

  2. “…while he sobs and rocks back and forth while sucking on his thumb..” because a little bit more liberty is a horrible thing for America?

    I figure that the antis, now that so many Americans are becoming aware of the game they’ve been playing, should be celebrating the fact that we haven’t repealed all the rights restrictions at once. I think that some of them should be starting to count their blessings over the fact that they haven’t been arrested. Should a free society allow an anti-rights organization to exist at all? As a “charity”? This is a big question. I think I’m more of the opinion that the buck should stop at the legislators. Maybe they are the ones who should be counting their blessings, considering themselves extremely lucky, that the American people have been so overly tolerant in the past.

  3. “…while he sobs and rocks back and forth while sucking on his thumb..”
    With any luck, this is exactly what he is doing.

    But yes, how can an anti-rights organization exist in the United States?
    Perhaps as a lobbying group, but not as a charity.

  4. What I really do not get is the fact that the bill was around since December 2010, yet Martin moans about it at almost the end of the secession, look up the bill online, only 4 people opposed it, Representatives Darneille, Hudgins, Hunter, and Springer. Everyone else supported it, I even watched the video of it online, and the consensus was, why are we even talking about this again, lets just call it good and fix the law.

    Members of WA Cease fire, if you do not like the laws here in the USA move north to Vancouver BC, they could use the additional tax base.

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