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If it weren’t so deadly serious I would find it quite amusing that anti-gun activists get all bent out of shape and claim they feel threatened when millions of people peaceably carry concealed firearms in public every day. Yet they advocate passing laws that would mandate those same peaceable people give up their defensive tools at the point of a policeman’s gun and claim we are the ones threatening violence.


2 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. It is amusing in a sick and disgusting way. It makes perfect sense though, when you consider the left-speak definitions of the words. “Peace” is the lack of opposition to leftist aggression. Then of course “Violence” is the opposition, in any form, to leftist aggression. Simply turn reality on its head, slap it around a bit and call it a fucking bitch, and you’ve pretty well got it. “Property Rights” means that other people have the right to your property, etc., etc., etc. We saw what “Democracy” means in the Wisconsin protests/riots. It means that the left refuse to recognize the results of an election, and will do anything in their power to prevent a vote in the state legislature if they think it will go against them. “The People” we learned also in Wisconsin, means “The Government” and so on and on.

    We read previous iterations of the story in the 20th century, and we know pretty well how it ends. We know for example that most people will fail to understand what’s happening until it’s much too late to avoid mass destruction.

    Meanwhile; Newt Bloody Gingrich, Marshmallow Extraordinaire, a man more interested in being liked than in standing up on principle, Neville Chamberlain with hair spray, a man who thinks a willingness to compromise is superior to liberty, a man who thinks he can “run the economy” better than the Marxists can run the economy (but who can’t bring himself to use the word “Marxist” because some poll or Beltway advisor suggests it won’t play well) is considering a bid for the White House in 2012.

  2. It is exactly that “by proxy” nature that makes anti-rights nuts think they are somehow separated and insulated from the results of their desires. “Oh, it is just the government doing it, and they are just doing it because the laws say they should.” Yeah, and who exactly supported those laws? Who proposed those laws? Who lobbied for those laws? Who contacted their representatives to get them to vote for those laws?

    As always, the one thing hoplophobes fear almost as much as firearms in private hands is individual responsibility… and the government provides an easy scapegoat/boogieman upon which to pin the blame for anti-rights legislation and force.

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