Quote of the day—Sarah Brady

We are here today to tell you about an industry whose secrecy, opportunism, cynicism and disdain for consumer protection make it the next logical target for reform in America. That industry has hidden behind its mouthpieces and lobbyists for years and years. That industry, although it contains some respectable and responsible companies, also has chief executives who boast about marketing tools of mass murder.

Sarah Brady
Symposium moderator and Chair of Handgun Control, Inc. and the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence.
October 8, 1997
[It appears the “mass murder” sound-bite has been around for quite a while. It’s not quite “weapon of mass destruction” like some people recently started saying but it’s close.

I thought this was an appropriate QOTD since I received my T-Shirt yesterday. If it’s not too cold (it got down to -7F last night but it has now warmed up to a balmy 12F) to show it off I’ll wear it to the Steel Challenge match tomorrow.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sarah Brady

  1. I got excited there for a minute thinking it was a recent quote that might usher in those good things she was talking about. I guess we’ll have to keep working on it.

  2. Please, keep working on it. Keep wasting all that money and time on something that isn’t going to happen. Eventually, the anti-gun organizations will be financially bankrupt to go along with being morally bankrupt.

    While you’re sitting there getting all exited, I’ll be here in Florida getting SB234 passed and more and more states will be passing Constitutional Carry. It’s funny that since Sarah Brady’s little ill informed snit above, more and more states have liberalized their gun laws rather than tighten them up like you keep pretending is just around the corner!!!

  3. Consumer protection for guns? LOL

    People don’t have ‘accidents’ with guns because they’re defective, but because people aren’t following safe handling or storage procedures. There are already legal remedies for the rare occurrence that there is a malfunction that leads to injury or death, but manufacturer’s aren’t responsible for illegal or irresponsible acts by the user.

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