Game, Set, Match

Brady Campaign board member Joan Peterson just gave us the win. She says she would rather our society had any violent crime rate than allow there to be just one death by gunshot wound.

Linoge and Heather have the details.


8 thoughts on “Game, Set, Match

  1. I explains some things too. When she could not get the point about public safety decreasing even if there were no guns in society she was working from a completely different set of assumptions. “Safety” has a completely different meaning in her world. Safe from “gun violence” apparently is completely independent from death by knife, fire, or gulag and of infinitely greater importance.

    She cannot comprehend why we don’t get it and we cannot comprehend why she doesn’t get it.

  2. To be fair, Chris at Arma Borealis was the first one to catch the quote – I have made a point of avoiding Joan’s deranged rantings as much as I possibly can, but this quote was simply too much to pass up.

    You are absolutely right, Joe – this is, at its core, a complete process failure on her part. We stand absolutely no chance of reaching her, and she will drive the country into the ground to even attempt at her goals… Goals that are demonstrably counterproductive, destructive, and dangerous.

    I am not at all ashamed to admit this, but she scares the crap out of me with comments like that!

  3. “She cannot comprehend why we don’t get it and we cannot comprehend why she doesn’t get it.”

    Oh, I get why she doesn’t get it. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” says it pretty well. She’s an authoritarian, so liberty, and those who are stupid and insolent enough to advocate liberty, are her enemies. To some on the left, the human race itself is an enemy– a stain on an otherwise pristine Earth.

    There are too many people, we consume far too much, and the left doesn’t care if crime rates go up so long we are unarmed. Add two and two. We’ve seen this before.

    I question whether some of us truly understand the magnitude of what we’re facing. This isn’t just a few idiots here or some silly fools over there, or a few gun laws, or a few backdoor energy tax schemes and a couple of public service employee’s unions marching in the streets for more of our money.

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