Help Heller Holler Harder

Oleg Volk is trying;

I am trying to help Dick Heller with raising funds for more legal mischief in DC.

I may be a good idea to assist Heller in piling on, as you are able.  The more the anti rights bigots, cowards, liars and charlatans in Washington have to contend with, the better.  They are getting desperate now, seeing their Big Chance slipping away after so many generations of careful plotting and planning to spoil this great experiment that is America.  The more these kinds of straight-up contests (the Heller kind) are made public, the more the forces of evil lose their control, and they know it.  They are afraid, and they will do some very stupid things as a result.

See; right here– This is why the beast hates the internet and lusts for control of it.