Where Great Britain used to be

Same planet different world, mass insanity, or Peterson Syndrome gone airborne?

From the Gun Control Network Children licenced to carry guns on our streets:

We call for children currently licenced to hold any firearms to be immediately jailed for a minimum of 10 years. This will act as a deterent to anyone who wishes to commit murder.

Actually, it’s just sarcasm. But it’s not that far off from some of the real anti-gun advocate positions.

They also advocate the banning of the organization Arm Britain.com (see the top left corner of their blog page). “Reasoned discourse” backed up by the force of government!


5 thoughts on “Where Great Britain used to be

  1. When they finish serving their 10 years, they probably won’t be children anymore. In more than one sense of the word.

  2. Considering they don’t have any respect for the right of self-defense, it’s no surprise they have no respect for the right of free speech.

  3. I’m wondering about that webpage. I suspect its one of us looking to make fun of “Common Sense Gun Control” dorks….or its one of our well-known trolls attempting to spawn more chatter.

    Whatever it is, it CAN’T be a legit blog.

  4. I think Weer’d Beard nailed it. Read a few of the stories on the site.

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