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Just ban all guns. Except police. If you have a gun get the death penalty. So either your a cop or a criminal. Guns are stupid. A real man will protect himself with his fist like we were born to do. A big fat Wussy will use a gun because he is a chicken-s&*t that has to kill someone to get his point across.

December 22, 2010
Comment to Gun Control Now!!!
[It’s possible this is sarcasm. For the moment I am assuming it is not.

“TiredofOurGovernment” has no respect for fundamental rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Hence he or she is advocating for a new type of government more like that of a police state. One has to wonder if someone who wants such a government why they don’t just move to a country that has laws more like those they advocate. I keep concluding they don’t really understand what they are advocating. The death penalty for the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms has a high correlation with the death penalty for the exercise of other fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and religion.—Joe]


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  1. I read that quote and think of my girlfriend, who would be absolutely useless when using her fists to defend herself.

    And then I remember I’m a member of the SAF and NRA, so “TiredofOurGovernment” can go to hell.

  2. Yeah, a “real man” will protect himself with his fists. What percentage of the population is “real men”? Got to be less than 50%, then take out kids, elderly, disabled, ill, etc. and that leaves what? 30%-35%? And in his world, the rest can go pound sand! They can be at the beck and call of the ones who can “protect themselves with their fists”, sort of like the middle ages!

  3. Even a “real man” will have very little success using his fists to defend himself against multiple attackers or someone with a knife – nevermind the criminal who doesn’t care about the death penalty for having a gun because he’s already risking the death penalty to commit murder, rape, etc.

    Of course, he’s also suggesting that my 60 year old father with the bad knee and bad back would have to use only his fists to defend himself against, for example, a fit 18-20 year old thug who’s willing to kill him to get what he wants.

    Pete’s right – “TiredofOurGovernment” can go to hell.

  4. If it was an attempt at sarcasm it was a fail. “TiredofOurGovernment” please take notes, subtle sarcasm doesn’t work over the internet, you need voice inlection and facial expression to get subtle sarcasm across. You need to make it over the top, like this:

    Ban all guns. Except for the Police! Cause only criminals and cops need guns. Oh and the Army! Criminals, cops, and soldiers. Oh, and forest rangers in bear country! So it’s cops, criminals, soldiers, and park rangers. Oh, and the Coast Guard! So criminals, cops, soldiers, park rangers, and coasties. Oh, and prison guards! (to keep criminals behind bars of course) so it’s; cops, criminals, soldiers, park rangers, coasties, and prison guards.

    But no one else NEEDS guns!

    Except for private security guards like they have at banks…. So it’s; criminals, cops, soldiers, park rangers, coasties, prison guards, and rent-a-cops.

    Because all REAL MEN defend themselves with their fists like GOD INTENDED! That means real men don’t need guns. All one armed men are criminals anyways trying to frame Richard Kimball so they already have guns. ARREST ALL ONE ARMED MEN!!!

    So nobody needs guns except; criminals (including one armed men), cops, soldiers, park rangers, coasties, prison guards, and rent-a-cops. But since all REAL MEN use their fists, the only cops, soldiers, park rangers, coasties, prison guards, or rent-a-cops that NEED guns are women and fake men.

    Imagine how egalitarian our society will be when the only armed people are peaceful militant lesbian cops, transgender infantry, and gay park rangers! Because obviously all REAL MEN are completely capable of defending themselves from criminals and bears (even one armed criminals, though it may take a few television seasons and/or a blockbuster movie) with nothing but their FISTS as GOD INTENDED!

    And that ends the lesson.

  5. Ah, yes, “real men use their bare hands.” OTOH, poison was the preferred method for those of us on the distaff side. It does, eventually, fix issues like domestic abuse. Ah, the good old days!

    Do you think he really wants them back?

    It’s dinner time!

  6. I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while, and this thread is a good place to consider it. I recently read “Bloodlands” by Timothy D. Snyder.

    The book is a history of Northern Europe, between Berlin and Moscow during the years 1935 to 1945. At this time and in this place, the dream (“Just ban all guns. Except police.”) of the commenter was real. About 20 million people lost their lives (not including those deaths solely attributable to combat).

    As I read it, I could not help but think, what if there had been a significant number of firearms in private hands there? People were shot in their homes, herded to pits and shot, loaded into transports and gassed, worked to death or starved, etc. In some places nearly all food stores were stolen by police and politically favored groups, leaving residents to starve. It is really difficult for me to imagine that these atrocities could have been carried out if a large segment of the population had been armed.

    I highly recommend this book.

  7. If he is so Tired Of Our Government why is he trying to give goverment agents more power over the ‘little people’ by disarming us?

  8. Besides the obvious idiocy… in what world is a fistfight a fun experience anyway? Does he think it’s like the movies where you can get punched or kicked repeatedly and just get up and dust yourself off? Taking full power blows squarely from an adult man is a recipe for skull fractures, ruptured organs, blindness, etc. Or, you know, death.

    So in order to defend myself “honorably”, I’m supposed to accept the high risk of permanent damage in a “fair” fight? A friend of mine got sucker punched at a bar, a single punch to the face, and got a fractured eye socket out of it. He’s now blind in his right eye. Another guy I know has had reconstructive surgery on his face twice from full contact kickboxing in Thailand; pretty much the whole front of his skull is now titanium. He looks better now, at least. I know another guy who ended up in the hospital with bruised organs or some such from a single front snap kick to the stomach.

    Anyone who tells me I’m a pussy for defending myself with much greater force than was applied against me needs a major reality check. The only fair fight I recognize is the one where I don’t get hurt.

  9. Ok, if the “honorable” man, the “real” man defends himself with his fists as nature or God or Cthulhu or whoever intended, then the dishonorable man may do as he pleases until he’s stopped. They may not be the brightest among us, but they’ll figure that out, soon enough, as we’ve seen. Oh, but we’ll be civilized, as we won’t have all these icky firearms around. Well, except for the ones the criminals have already. Or steal from the police. An ideal world is at hand! You know, I think I’d rather meet the fascists at the door with a bullet dispenser. They may kill me, but I’ll do my best not to go alone, and that would have to be better than to survive what they have planned for whatever short interval. If enough are like me, I can’t help but think it will not be worth their while.

  10. A big fat Wussy will squeal like a big while he is raped by a bigger guy because he is a chicken-s&*t that is too scared to use a gun.


  11. He can always move to Malaysia. I think they have right what he’s looking for. Just don’t get caught chewing gum. (really!)

  12. In one of the Matt Helm books there’s a line, Helm has just whacked an attacker and the party he’s stuck with says something about the evils of using force on people. The line is something like
    “All somebody has to do to get along peacefully with me is leave me and mine alone. They open the door to violence, they’ve got no right to complain if more than they bargained for walks through.”
    As I told somebody, “I’ve got bad knees and a bad shoulder; anybody who expects me to go dancing with some jerk because ‘guns are nasty’ is a fool.”

  13. I was going to say that it MUST be parody, but then thought better of it– There is no difference between what real communists have said or done and the most insulting imaginable parody of a communist. It could be either one and still accurately reflect the attitudes of real people. Right here. In America. In high office.

    As Ayn Rand called it decades ago; “a morbid absurdity”.

    Here we go again.

    Meanwhile; the Republicans are still trying to figure out how to look like nice people. More hairspray, guys. That’s the key. Hairspray, a nice, placid, painted-on smile, and a slightly southern-sounding, favorite-uncle accent. Who’s a g’boy? Fucking retards.

  14. It never ceases to amaze me that people like this detest this one amendment so much yet defend vigorously all the others. I usually ask them, if it’s ok to do away with this amendment, can we do away with a few of the others? Like the first, fourth, sixth and eighth? That way, when you go running off at the mouth (or whether your just suspected of it) the well armed police can come kick in your door and take whatever they want from your home and arrest you, all without a warrant, hold you on a 20 million dollar bail and beat you mercilessly on a daily basis until such time as they see fit to drag you before a judge, not a jury, and without a lawyer?

    They generally like that idea about as much as I like dropping the second amendment from the Bill Of Rights.

  15. Guns ARE stupid.

    So are keyboards.

    I use both of mine for the protection/benefit of myself and others.

    TiredofOurGovernment doesn’t have the sense for either.

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