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Most intensely bad gun laws are enacted in places like New York or California or Illinois, and we’ve only had the ability to sue them for a few months [since McDonald]. The idea that it’s time to throw up our hands and declare it’s over because the ink is barely dry [on McDonald] and nothing has happened except for crazy people in criminal cases [losing Second Amendment claims] is a little premature.

Alan Gura
December 9, 2010
You Must Get Gun Range Training. But You Can’t Get Gun Range Training. Shaping the future of the Second Amendment in post-McDonald Chicago by Brian Doherty
[I like to think of this as a message to Brady Campaign supporters as, “Just because you aren’t in jail yet doesn’t mean we aren’t coming for you or that we won’t get you.”

Via John Richardson.

Also note that Brian Doherty wrote Gun Control on Trial and interviewed me for it. See also these excerpts from it.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gura

  1. I’m especially shocked by the folks who live in free states, who say “we don’t need any more court cases” and “NRA/SAF doesn’t need any more money” because things are good enough in their states. People have already forgotten that the US elected a far-left gun-grabbing socialist 2 years ago, with lefty majorities in both houses of Congress. We’ll never be more than 6 years away from a similar national mistake squandering our civil rights.

  2. I am seriously beginning to believe that the bad gun laws have to do with the inability of the prosecutors to win convictions on a criminal act with a weapon. Most law attempts to control human behavior, and the bad gun laws attempt to control artifacts that lack emotion, reasoning and life… Easier to convince the jury that the gun is evil than the defendant.

  3. To use the common football analogy; only now have we got the ball and are able to move it forward. This is just the beginning. This is where the real work starts. Those goal posts are far away, and we’re behind in the game.

    I won’t consider “throwing up my hands” until there is no more BATFE, NFA or GCA, and we have nation-wide “Vermont Carry”. Not even then really, because the enemies of liberty never just go away willingly.

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