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I wonder if the dinosaurs sounded this whiny when they went extinct?

Say Uncle
December 8, 2010
Referring to Josh Horwitz’s (Executive Director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence) post about the plaintiff in a gun rights lawsuit in Texas.
[And political extinction must be our goal.

It is tempting to back off of the gun rights issue and do something more fun for a change because we aren’t facing any immediate threats. But the thing is that we aren’t facing any political threats right now but there is still a significant social component of people who hate guns and gun owners. The political threat goes to near zero as soon as the social component goes a little below 50%. But slight above 50% and the threat is just as strong as ever. It is a lot like a switch. It is either On or Off. Think of the Supreme Court with the 5-4 decisions in Heller and McDonald. Had the decisions been 4-5 our world would be a completely different place today.

We breath somewhat easy today and talk of gun rights blogging being more difficult (BTW, I completely disagree) but things could rapidly change with only a few percentage points difference in our society. We need to politically and socially exterminate this menace to human rights. We do that by mocking them, comparing them to the KKK, and showing the vast majority of people the fun and benefits of gun ownership and use until their numbers are in the low single digits.—Joe]


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  1. I completely agree. Just because the threat is diminished doesn’t mean it is gone. The cost of our freedom is eternal vigilance, not occasional vigilance. To back of now would be to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. Make no mistake, they intend to disarm us. Be eternally and ever vigilant. Beware the latest run coming from the UN. As of now we have never bowed to a UN rule, but there is always that first one. Chicago, Detroit, New York and California are still not free and until they are our fight is not over.

  3. Historically, respect for human rights is the exception rather than the rule. Usually, the best people can wish from their government is to be ignored. The U.S. was founded to put and end to this sad situation. Unfortunately, the nature of tyranny hasn’t changed just because of little old things like ideals and constitutions. It is the spirit of American culture that will preserve liberty, or nothing will do it. And there we come back, as always, to education.

  4. Lyle,

    I’m a bit less than sure of that. Our republic is more than superficially based on the Roman republic, back in its glory days. There are some important differences, but even they knew not to push people too far. Until it became an empire. I don’t think we can point to a breaking point like they could (somewhere between Julius Caesar and Caesar Augustus) when they made the switch from republic to empire (with most of the republican trappings intact, I might add), but it is my uneducated opinion that we are currently in the midst of such a choice. In the case of the Romans, the Senate quickly became little more than a rubber stamp for the whims of the emperor. Where our current situation will end up is anyone’s guess, but I wouldn’t bet money on anything right now.

  5. Also note that places like Massachusetts and California are HORRIBLE to gun owners and gun rights, and dispite the amazing election this year these states overall re-elected their previous anti-rights representation.

    It must be culled out with help from free-staters, or it will forever fester and threaten to spread.

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