Quote of the day—Police First Sergeant Colisle

The Jew Alfred Flatow was found to be in possession of one revolver with twenty-two rounds of ammunition, two pocket pistols, one dagger, and thirty one knuckledusters. Arms in the hands of Jews are a danger to public safety.

Police First Sergeant Colisle
Via an arrest report from Berlin, October 4, 1938.
He was arrested based on the above while attempting to comply with an order to turn in all firearms to the government. His firearm was legally owned and registered. It wasn’t until November 11, 1938 that the Weapons Control Act of 1938 went into effect making it illegal for Jews to own firearms. Hence, he was arrested while complying with the law at the time.

After his arrest he was turned over to the Gestapo and transported to Terezin in October of 1942. He died of starvation in the Theresienstadt concentration camp in December 1942.
Journal on Firearms & Public Policy Volume 21, Fall 2009, “Arms in the Hands of Jews Are a Danger to Public Safety”: Nazism, Firearm Registration, and the Night of the Broken Glass, pages 28 & 29.
[I am reminded of this suggestion:

The lessons of the 20th Century:

Lesson No. 1:

If a bureaucrat, or a soldier sent by a bureaucrat, comes to knock down your door and take you someplace you don’t want to go because of who you are or what you think– kill him. If you can, kill the politician who sent them. You will likely die anyway, and you will be saving someone else the same fate. For it is a universal truth that the intended victims always far outnumber the tyrant’s executioners. Any nation which practices this lesson will quickly run out of executioners and tyrants, or they will run out of it.

Lesson No. 2:

If a bureaucrat, or a soldier sent by a bureaucrat, comes to knock down your door and confiscate your firearms– kill him. The disarmament of law-abiding citizens is the required precursor to genocide.

Lesson No. 3:

If a bureaucrat tells you that he must know if you have a firearm so he can put your name on a list for the common good, or wants to issue you an identity card so that you may be more easily identified– tell him to go to hell. Registration of people and firearms is the required precursor to the tyranny which permits genocide. Bureaucrats cannot send soldiers to doors that aren’t on their list.

Lesson No. 4

Believe actions, not words. Tyrants are consummate liars. Just because a tyrant is “democratically elected” doesn’t mean that he believes in democracy. Reference Adolf Hitler, 1932. And just because a would-be tyrant mouths words of reverence to law and justice, or takes a solemn oath to uphold a constitution, doesn’t mean he believes such concepts apply to him. Reference Bill Clinton, among others. The language of the lie is just another tool of killers. A sign saying “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Makes You Free) posted above an execution camp gate doesn’t mean that anybody gets out of there alive, and a room labeled “Showers” doesn’t necessarily make you clean. Bill Clinton notwithstanding, the meaning of “is” is plain when such perverted language gets you killed. While all tyrants are liars, it is true that not all political liars are would-be tyrants– but they bear close watching. And keep your rifle handy.



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  1. I’m in complete agreement. It’s a shame to have to be this way, but one must protect oneself from all evil. It’s a God-given right to do so.

    Patterson, Georgia

  2. While on the subject of Hitler, I am just finishing, Der Fuehrer–Hitler’s Rise to Power by Konrad Heiden, published 1944 by Houghton Mifflin Co. This is the most detailed account of how and why Hitler took over Germany I have read and I have read many books on the subject.

    In my opinion, Mr. Soros is using this book as a blueprint to take over the USA. The parallels to Mr. Oboobno are astonishing. At any rate, a read of this book is highly recommended. The translation work done by Ralph Manheim is superb.

  3. Nail. Head. Hit.

    Both will be in the name of “Public Safety”.

    Consider – The TSA pornoscan and grope therapy are useful measurement tools to learn the compliance of the average sheep.

    Obamacare could necessitate it.

    A currency crisis could make it “necessary” to move to a cashless society – which means ID cards.

    It is a very short trip from there to a restart of WWII Germany’s killing machines.

    Perhaps this time it will be those pesky Tea Party thugs, or talk radio listeners or perhaps the entire Fox News audience.

    All that has to be done – and they already can track Credit Card transactions of targeted individuals – is to create a file with all of the Christians, Tea Party Folkm etc… Now the government knows where they travel, what they buy and can flag weapon or ammo purchases without bothering with a registration system. ALL purchases of anything is registered.

    When you want to bring them into line, just turn off the cards… No food, No gas and certainly no ammo…

  4. Good stuff but the problem is that those that resist die. Most people believe that they won’t die if they surrender. So what happens is a few go and their fate is recorded and eventually these events make groups build up. They are more willing to take action because there is always one who starts it. The rest get taken along with them in defending themselves. Once we hit that stage and there are enough groups then they don’t have enough people to control them. Look at what happens with large LA gangs now, the Black panthers, Muslims, Democrats. The problem is we don’t have ordinary people like ourselves in groups yet.

    It will come. In the meantime stock up with ammo and keep your head down. Please remember people,likeme, in the UK who are disarmed. 🙂

  5. “Look at what happens with large LA gangs now”

    This gave me some food for thought. Since I live in LA, I have some idea how they operate. Would I rather have the government in charge or an “LA gang” in charge? Let’s see…

    LA gangs charge a “tax” to protect you (from other gangs and from their own gang). LA gangs collect a “tax” if you want to carry a weapon (per testimony from the Avenues trial). When an LA gang gets powerful enough, the police rarely come around. The gang does business and protects their turf.

    I don’t know how the black gangs operate but this is how the Mexican Mafia connected gangs operate. In fact, many of the gangs (Russian, Armenian, etc.) operate just like the old Cosa Nostra. “Taxes” or “Rent” = Protection. People who don’t want to play by the rules frequently end up dead. Dead people make good examples for the living.

    Can the gangs protect us from government? Maybe a little bit, but who would protect us from the gangs?!!

  6. ubu52,

    Very few would seriously argue that the present day government of California is worse than the gangs. But governments have a long history of murdering their own citizens. In the 20th Century I think the total is somewhere on the order 80 million people murdered by their own government.

    You may not have realized it but you said something that hinted upon the profound–“Can the gangs protect us from government? Maybe a little bit, but who would protect us from the gangs?!!” You implicitly agree that government is something that needs to be protected from. What you didn’t explicitly ask is, “Who should protect us from government?”

    The answer is that we (in this country anyway, not so much in other countries) only give government specific enumerated powers. When they step outside the boundaries of those enumerated powers the people are supposed to rein them back in. And if the government exceeds their powers by too wide a margin the people must have the means by which to enforce those limitations and dissolve the government. An out of control government does not allow or recognize fair elections. And some (historical) government activities must never be allowed even if they were to pass a popular vote. Examples of such activities would be genocide, abolishment of freedom of association/religion, and that is just the start of a long list. That means the people must retain their right to keep and bear arms.

    A necessary part of the right to keep and bear arms for this “doomsday” scenario is that the government must not have lists of guns and preferably not of gun owners either. Hence on that list of government activities that must never be allowed is the registration and confiscation of firearms. To allow such a thing enables genocide and all the rest.

  7. Joe,

    I was thinking more along the lines of “If you leave a void, someone/something will fill the void.” In other words, your new taskmasters may not be any better than your old taskmasters.

    In the context of your original post, I understand where you are coming from. Yes, but I believe technology is so far advanced these days that it doesn’t matter if a gun registration exists or not. If the Federal Government wants something, they have much better weapons than guns. A gun won’t protect you against the government, ultimately.

  8. Ubu, consider this quote from Winston Churchill:

    If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

    When the government is gathering us into cattle cars, it may already be too late–but that’s ok, because, as Churchill said, it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

    My biggest concern about the possibility of civil unrest, and of revolution, is this: will I be prepared? My second biggest concern is this: will I have the courage to do what is right, or will I just wimp out, and go along, hoping I will be left alone? My third biggest concern is this: will I have the wisdom to know if a course of action is right–or will I just make things worse? In particular, will I flee a just revolution, or will I end up supporting an unjust one?

    These are difficult questions! And, unfortunately, I won’t know the answer to them, until after the dust settles from any civil unrest that may arise. Such is the fate of being human.

  9. During the 1850s, slaves left the border states through sale, manumission and escape, and border states also had more free African-Americans and European immigrants than the lower South, which increased Southern fears that slavery was threatened with rapid extinction in this area. darkttube.com, usbz,

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