Brady’s are begging


I got another begging letter from the BC, and in this one Paul Helmke says they have a $250,000 deficit:

Dear (friendly_iconoclast),

I am writing to you today as one of the Brady Campaign’s most loyal friends because we really need your help…

…But the truth is, because we’ve been fighting so hard on so many fronts, we’re facing a serious financial shortfall.

I need to make up a $250,000 budget shortfall before the end of the year….

Maybe they should ask the NRA for a loan. After all, the Brady Campaign has done wonders for their fundraising…

If they were a publically traded company I would consider attempting a hostile takeover (I could get a NRA range grant to build a Brady Campaign Memorial Boomershoot East, couldn’t I?). I would hire Tamara to write all their media releases for month or two as we liquidated every asset and did Boomerite experiments in the ashes.


3 thoughts on “Brady’s are begging

  1. You take the Brady Campaign, but I want VPC. They did a lovely market research piece on kid friendly guns. They did get irritated when I told them they left off the links, but with a crack research team like that, I’d have an easier time blogging.

  2. Wow. A quarter of a million dollars. How the hell did the Brady Bunch end up $250k in the hole this year? What on God’s Green Earth have they actually done in that time?

    Hell, they could not even find local or federal candidates to endorse in 2/3s of the states out there, and the election was pretty much THE big thing this year. So where did all that money go?

    Were I a Brady Bunch member (whatever that means any more), I would want a serious accounting of their expenditures before I sent them another dime…

  3. does anyone else find it suspicious that the Brady’s are running in the red the exact sum of Helmke’s annual salary?

    Seems like someone didn’t get their Soros/Joyce money this year…

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