Moxie Media investigation

I haven’t read the entire set of documents but the basics appear to be that a group of people conspired to hide their true political backers, distributed political materials harmful to a pro-gun candidate, who then lost by 122 votes.

Here is a tidbit I found in the documents alleging demonstrating misconduct:


If you voted in the primary in her legislative district (Washington State 38th district—in or near Everett) you can help. Read the following and fill out the Declaration and send it to her.

Via email from Joe Waldron:

From: Joe Waldron
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 4:28 PM
Subject: GOAL Alert, 38th Legislative District

Dear GOAL listers:

GOAL is a political action committee (PAC) registered with the state Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) with the mission of supporting pro-gun candidates to elected office in Washington, primarily at the state level.  (Due to RCW 9.41.290, state preemption, most firearms-related legislation is limited to the state level.)

In furtherance of this goal, GOAL has endorsed and given campaign contributions to candidates from BOTH major political parties, and occasionally to minor party candidates.  The determining factor is their position on the Second Amendment and Article 1, Section 24 of the Washington state constitution.

Once again in a Washington election, there are reports of inappropriate or even illegal activity conducted in support of or opposition to several candidates.  (Hard to believe, I know, but apparently Chicago-style politics has made it to the great Northwest.)

One of these allegations of illegal activity involves a group calling itself Moxie Media.  At the request of the PDC, state Attorney General Rob McKenna is investigating Moxie Media’s actions in the 2010 elections.  According to the PDC report, Moxie Media created several separate organizations to conduct attacks on candidates too conservative for their liking.  Moxie Media allegedly received its funding from several labor unions, among others.  .

One of the candidates they attacked during the primary election period was Senator Jean Berkey, a Democrat representing the 38th District (NW Snohomish county). 

Senator Berkey has been in the legislature since 2001, and a Senator since 2003.  Senator Berkey was given an A- rating by the NRA-ILA Political Victory Fund and was also endorsed by GOAL and recommended to its members by the Washington Arms Collectors.

Senator Berkey lost the primary election by 122 votes.

I recently received the below communication from Senator Berkey.  I believe she has a case.  And the individual elected, Democrat Nick Harper, didn’t even bother to return the Candidate Questionnaire.  That gives a pretty strong indication as to where he will stand on gun issues.

The GOAL list is a statewide e-mail list.  I have no idea who on the list lives in what legislative district, hence the general mailing.  This e-mail is intended for residents of the 38th District . 

If you live in the 38th and you believe your vote in the primary election may have been influenced by the Moxie Media mailing, please give Senator Berkey a hand.  She has been there for us, and deserves your support.


Joe Waldron

Chairman, GOAL

Legislative chairman, WAC

Legislative chairman, WSR&PA



Thank you for your endorsement and your help with the Primary election in the 38th Legislative District.

I lost the Primary election by 122 votes and I believe some mail sent out by Moxie Media on behalf of some liberal Democratic groups cost me the election.

They designed the last minute mail to look like it was from Republicans (Cut Taxes PAC) to fool conservative voters. Unfortunately, it was well done and worked.

I believe the Attorney General may overturn the election and the liberal Democratic candidate that won the election may not be seated in the Senate.

I will send you this link to the PDC report (130 pages) that will shock you with the arrogance of these liberal labor and attorney groups. Every member of the Gun Owners Action League should read this report to see what we are up against.

Also, I will send this link to the editorial published by the Olympian.

I need help from your members in Everett and Marysville (the 38th Legislative District) and would like to ask them look at the attached Declaration (BerkeyDeclaration.doc–27 KB). If they voted during the last five days of the Primary election on August 17th, they may want to complete it and return it to me. If they have any questions, they should contact me at jeanberkey AT

It won’t cost them a penny and may prevent another gun control nut from being elected to the Washington State Senate.

Thank you for all your great help,

Senator Jean Berkey