Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

Government should stay out of the way of businesses trying to make it in these tough economic times, or in any times. Instead, government has become one of the biggest obstacles we face. It’s bad enough Phoenix has attacked our free speech, but now they’re messing with our Second Amendment rights, and right before an election too. People who support this ought to be removed from office and punished for such malfeasance.

Alan Korwin
October 27, 2010
Phoenix Censors “Gun Safety for Kids”
[There is a lot more information on this event that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Korwin has been in contact with Assistant Phoenix city attorney Ted Mariscal to try and clarify what changes need to be made to the message. Mariscal says it needs to be changed to meet his satisfaction but won’t say what would satisfy him.

As Tam said, “So, where do I go vote… for whoever’s gonna fire you?”—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

  1. Joe;

    You have probably better connections to legal minds who might know, so I’m passing this buck to you (or legally savvy readers).

    What is the possibility of bringing a civil suit under 18USC241-242 in RKBA cases, or speech issues, as with the story at hand?

    I mean, it’s apparent that the US Attorney’s are disinclined to bring criminal prosecution, even in slam-dunk cases.

    But the laws still exist, and if a citizen is damaged by unlawful activity, can he not bring suit?

    Might be quixotic, but there’s a lot of us out here make a thing of tilting at windmills… when we can find ones willing to engage.

    Whattaya think?


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