Quote of the day—Alexis Levinson

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia took fellow Justice Elena Kagan out for a lesson in skeet shooting at his shooting club in Virginia last week.

Alexis Levinson
October 25, 2010
Scalia takes Kagan to gun range, sources say
[As Say Uncle said, “Awesome”.

I wonder how I would go about inviting the entire Supreme Court to Boomershoot. Of course the end of April is a very busy time for them. Maybe I would need to do a private party sometime during the summer.

The ideal would be to follow up the next week with the Brady Campaign Board of directors and tell them all the stories of the great fun the SC had.

Hmmm… I just realized I know someone who could get the attention of and invite the SC. I’ll have to run this idea past him sometime…—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alexis Levinson

  1. D*** it – “was” obviously should be “wasn’t”…
    And to clarify I meant Cheney giving the lesson.

  2. I would much rather than she be well enough informed to convert to our our side on the issue. I think Scalia, rather than Cheney, is the better person for the task.

  3. I just have this picture in my mind’s eye of the Brady Campaign People being Downrange at the Boomershoot. But that would be as cruel as exploding kid’s heads in they disagreed with Climate Change, wouldn’t it? Mustn’t stoop to their level, after all.

  4. I’ve often thought that Justice Thomas and his wife would be right at home at Boomershoot; they’re known for traveling the various States in their RV.

  5. If you can arrange a private Boomershoot for the SCOTUS, I’ll be glad to fly out and help out!

  6. I will find some pretext to show pictures from the 2011 event (and the early one I was at if I can find ’em) to the Wa ATG. He schedules pretty tightly though and I don’t expect to talk him into coming in 2012.

  7. MD,

    I’m not sure Ted and SCOTUS would have much in the way of common interests. I think those would be two separate parties with significantly different themes.


    That would be really cool!

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