500 per year?!

Via Sebastian we have this bit of nonsense:

Justice Department legal adviser Amid Torres told lawmakers during a public hearing last week that the agency would submit amendments to the weapons law to La Fortaleza that reflect the jurisprudence established by the nation’s top court in McDonald vs City of Chicago this summer. In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court cast doubt on handgun bans in the Chicago area, but signaled that some limitations on the U.S. Constitution’s “right to keep and bear arms” could survive legal challenges.

Puerto Rico will have to ease its stringent firearms code in relation to the acquisition and possession of guns for self-defense.

Torres said the measures will include a requirement that shooting ranges keep logs of how much ammunition their members use and cap the number of bullets each client can fire in target practice at 500 per year.

I’ve gone through this many rounds in an hour of practice. There are very few firearms classes that I have taken which used this few of rounds. This is like telling a journalist they may only publish five articles a year.

A specific enumerated right that is limited to, at best, exercise only one weekend per year cannot stand.

I’ve got a better idea. How about governments can repeal as many laws as they want but they can only enact five laws per year?


7 thoughts on “500 per year?!

  1. Could you imagine the support a candidate that ran on that platform would have for president by the small government supporters?
    I will sign as many repeals of restrictions as are put in front of me.
    I will sign any bill that extends personal freedom and restricts the government.
    I will sign the budget.
    I will not sign any that are pure restrictions on freedom.
    Beyond that I will only sign a maximum of 5 bills a year but attempt to sign none.

    (Pork will not be tolerated)

  2. Why would you want to prevent someone from practicing using a firearm? Do they tell the police they can only use 500 rounds per year?

    They argue that we are not as well trained as the police, and we most of the time show the exact opposite. Maybe they’re trying to handicap us to make the cops look better.


  3. I shot a brick when I read this.

    But seriously, that’s outrageous! I smell Puritans behind this somehow.

  4. You limit them to passing only one law per year, and it’ll end up being the longest, most complicated law you ever saw, with 500 thousand clauses. Worse than ObamaCare. Or one law could read something like; “President so and so is hereby granted absolute authority over all things.” A single, one-sentence law is enough for a communist.

  5. When I visited Guam I was surprised at the draconian gun laws. I did some research and found that most of them dated back to the colonial days when the US Navy ran the place as its own private country. How do you think Americans from the mainland — who made up 5-10% of the people on the island at most — ruled over the native population that vastly outnumbered them? It isn’t by letting the natives have firearms, that’s for sure…

    I haven’t looked but I’d bet that the origins of Puerto Rican gun control are similar, and equally reeking of racism from the colonial era.

  6. Ah, found it at last! I remembered reading something about this a wile ago:

    On the Isle of Man, there is a tradition that every year on Tynwald Day all laws are publicly read aloud.

    From Wikipedia: “All bills that have received the Royal Assent are promulgated on Tynwald Day; any Act of Tynwald which is not so promulgated within 18 months of passage ceases to have effect.”

    If we had a like requirement, it would seem that a great deal of foolish legislation would have to be retired to the dustbin, seeing as it would take at least 18 months by the time some poor guy got through the annual budget.

  7. Five-hundred rounds is five hours of shooting–at best. That’s not even a whole day at the range. How do they count? I might shoot 80 rounds, and then pick up 200 bullets to melt down for casting later. Did I shoot -120 rounds?

    Disarmers: profound ignorance never stopped us from spouting off our inane opinions. Hey, if anyone in government is interested, I have some opinions about brain surgery!

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