Reasoned Discourse

Via Ry we find more Reasoned Discourse:

They pretty much confirmed my attitudes about gun-toters.
My OS postings rarely get feedback, so I wondered why so many comments showed up in just a day or two.
That’s when Google found this thread:
My personal blog is mirrored here at OS, and I don’t allow comments there, so they actually tracked me down here.
It looks like they cruise the web, trying to pick fights.
So I’ve closed the comments here at Open Salon.
It’s sad, but I certainly don’t want to engage with people like them.

“People like them”? If I didn’t know better from that line I would think he was talking about people with different colored skin or homosexuals.

I guess he doesn’t understand the failure of censorship in an Internet world; but then bigots are seldom bright.


11 thoughts on “Reasoned Discourse

  1. As I posted on the OC forum, this fellow lives about 7-8 miles from me, and I am fairly certain I know the natural foods grocery store to which he is referring. I may have to start making the occasional shopping trip there; I’d love the opportunity to strike up a conversation (politely, of course) with him.

  2. When Dr. King would March people would travel from all around to march with him. Go figgure, thos N***ers just cruising around the country looking to “pick fights” with decent white-folks.

    When seeing posts and comments like this I’m AMAZED that is these narrow-minded scumbags that made the laws that make exercising my rights in Massachusetts so difficult. How did we get here? And PLEASE tell me we’re past this dark age and are going to run them and their hate out of town!

  3. Thank you for something to laugh about. Does he really have those mental problems with walking around people that are armed? I spent too many years with too many armed folks to count – some of them very dangerous. Should we let him know that gravity is killing more people in the United States than his fears of firearms?

  4. Looks like he pulled the post, and by his little sob-post in its place he somehow thinks that people who understand the 2nd know NOTHING about the 1at.

    They aren’t very bright, are they?

  5. The original post of his sounds like premeditation to murder gun owners to me.

  6. Thanks for the linkage, Joe! And not to linkwhore even more, but as I said over at Weer’ds, let us not forget this opportunity to ensure that Markley’s Law slowly works its way into common parlance.

    As for this particular individual, you have to give him credit for being not-at-all bashful about his outright and irrational fear and hatred for anyone lawfully carrying firearms – no beating around the bush, no equivocation, no apologies. Bigotry that deep-seated is (thankfully) hard to come by these days.

  7. How’s that song go again? “You can run, but you can’t hide…” When will these idjits realize that we ain’t as Stupid, Ignorant nor Technologically Incompetent as they think we are?

  8. According to his story on the other page, he went deer hunting with a 22LR rifle at one point when he was young. What kind of idiot hunts deer with a 22LR?

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