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I’d rather pay most feds to do nothing (or snort coke, watch daytime TV, drink booze and buy whores) than pay them to do what they’re doing now (in addition to snorting coke, drinking booze and buying whores that is). That’d be a step in the right direction, say, for a while, before they’re indicted.

If I had my full ‘druthers I’d see them stripped of their citizenship, packed into crates, stuffed into transport planes, flown over Venezuela (or Cuba, North Korea, etc.) and dropped, along with their supporters in Congress. Parachutes optional, depending on donations from the private sector. I’d suggest using them on the front lines in battle, but I wouldn’t trust them in that capacity. They’d most likely throw up the white flags and then side with the enemy against our real troops. The whole tar and feathers thing seems unnecessarily messy and time consuming. We have work to do after all, and if we could simply get rid of them as quickly as possible, we could get on with living our lives in peace. If they’d go voluntarily and then mind their own business for the rest of their lives, that would be the ideal, though we all know that’s an impossibility – statists, who understand nothing on Earth but deception and brute force don’t ever quit until quitting is the only option left. Even then, we see what happened with Jim Jones and his dupes. If they know they’re going to take the big fall, they’ll take as many as possible along with them. That’s axiomatic and it goes for the whole statist society.

September 30, 2010
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[The only thing I would add is they should get a fair trial first. But I guess that was sort of implied in the “stripped of their citizenship” line. And please note that each individual need not have their own trial. They don’t seem to have any regard for the individual so why should the individual have any regard for them independently of their collective? It probably could done at the department/agency level. Department of Education, Department of Housing, etc.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lyle@UltiMAK

  1. They’d most likely throw up the white flags and then side with the enemy against our real troops.

    You know, those of us that work for the Department of Defense make a living supporting our troops. It’s also one of the few departments that is actually performing a Constitutionally mandated role. The Department of Transportation, to a degree, has a valid role as well.

    I’d also like to add that the Norfolk Naval Shipyard performs better work on nuclear vessels, for less money, than the local private, nuclear capable, shipyard does. The difference is that, surprisingly enough, the government yard is in competition with the nuclear shipyards. But the local private one is the only place that can make aircraft carriers. They’re a monopoly, and they milk it for all they can.

    I’m with you about the rest of the Federal departments. Aside from mine, and Transportation, I can’t think of any others that have any valid reason for existing, at least at the Federal level.

  2. Don’t be so dismissive in regards to tar and feathering. There are millions of newly unemployed Americans just itching for a job, any job.

  3. laughingdog; Defense is of course one of the few things at the federal level that is constitutional.

    As for the competition thing; generally speaking, if you remove the barriers to entry in the industry, the competition comes in and things get more affordable.

    What we have now in many industries is a con game. Massive barriers to entry create government-enforced monopolies to an extent. Then we blame capitalism for creating monopolies. The Big Players in business love it. Government loves it too because it gives them control, and a chance to blame capitalism in their calls for yet more government. Millions of retards (leftists) in society play along with this con game.

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