Disconnect from reality

Earlier this week I heard someone on the radio say something about, “The Bush unfunded tax cuts.”

My head nearly exploded.

Tax cuts are not “funded”. That is unless you think of all the money that belongs to the taxpayers actually belongs to the government and a tax cut, from their viewpoint of reality, means they are giving the taxpayer money.

Either the people that say such a thing are incredibly stupid or they have an entirely different view of reality than most people. In either case they have no business in politics or commenting on politics.


7 thoughts on “Disconnect from reality

  1. Even Chris Matthews cannot continue to drink that Kool-Aid.

    He felt constrained to point out that money collected via taxation is the people’s money.

    Money not taxed is STILL the people’s money.

  2. Minor but important correction, Rob: money that IS taxed is the people’s money, too. All of it is, because the government produces nothing of its own. Well, other than confusion, hysteria, socialism and the like.

  3. They just hope that enough Americans are retarded enough to fall for it. Many are, thanks to public education.

    How about “unfunded Socialist Security”, “unfunded stimulus programs”, “unfunded Medicare”, “unfunded bailouts”, “unfunded regulatory agencies”, or “unfunded anything else the left likes– you know, as opposed to Liberty”? Since we’re running deficits, anything in the federal budget can be defined as “unfunded”.

    Tax cuts will result in more tax revenue. Always have, because we’re over on the wrong side of the Laffer curve. They all know it, but that’s not the point. Their goal, as already documented, is to “collapse and system into a new system”. Or as Dear Leader, BHO, put it; “Redistributive Change”. They’re not just thinking redistribution in America either. They mean worldwide. Theirs is the language of mass destruction, and that prospect isn’t so distasteful to that slavering, angry beast known as statism. One of it’s long-term goals, for decades now, has been to depopulate the Earth.

  4. Actually the thugs-in-charge and their followers DO believe that ALL money belongs to the .gov.

  5. What we have here is “idiot speak”. The American public is seen by these statists as idiots. It did not work very well for the English Parliament in 1775 and it ain’t going to work very well for the statists in DC. We are on to them. Finally.

  6. Rev. Paul not to be pissy, but that is exactly what I said. The construction may be complex, but I pointed out that collected or not, it is the people’s money.

    “..money collected via taxation is the people’s money..”


  7. Sadly, those in power DO believe it’s the government’s money. See the recent proposal in the UK to have all paychecks sent to the .gov for taxation prior to paying the earner. “We’ll take what’s ‘ours’ and then give you what’s left.” BHO truly believes we owe the .gov more, because look at all the .gov does for us!

    If the liberals truly believe the rich should be paying more, why do so many of them dodge their taxes? Why aren’t they happily donating their excess wealth to the IRS? Walk the walk…

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