Noise pollution

I was considering competing in the contest (via Say Uncle) but then I saw the Judging Criteria included this:

Externalities (such as noise pollution, public relations, etc.) imposed onto other businesses which may locate aboard the same seastead and to the overall seasteading movement.

What I had in mind might have “rocked the boat” a little bit.

Now if Microsoft would set up shop offshore someplace where we wouldn’t have to pay such high taxes I’d be near the front of the line to volunteer for the transfer.


3 thoughts on “Noise pollution

  1. I am bangin’ my bean trying to think of an offshore location with anything like decent firearms law.. Much less what Boomershoot might look like…

    Nope, not comin’ to me…

    SE Asia perhaps? If you pay enough?

  2. Ubu32, when I learned that American soldiers were confiscating weapons from Iraqi citizens, I was deeply disturbed. What about an Iraqi citizen’s right to bear arms? Then I learned that, while they confiscated the guns, they allowed each household two AK-47s for self-defense.

    Let’s see: Conquer the people, check. Confiscate the conquered people’s arms, check. Make sure that conquered people are left with some arms, so that they could defend their own lives…what the heck?!? Adolf Hitler must be rolling in his grave!

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