Quote of the day—Zsuzsanna Legradi

I don’t want to see guns. No one should have guns. It is bad enough that people have knives.

Zsuzsanna Legradi
September 5, 2010
A 42-year-old gardener.
New York Times article: Altered Movie Poster Puts the Spotlight on a San Francisco Agency’s Gun Ban
[I wonder if the New York Times would have printed that if it had been “I don’t want to see queers holding hands…” or “I don’t want to see ni**ers touching a white woman…”

And what would have been the response if someone had actually said made such a bigoted comment about homosexuals in San Francisco? Would they still have a job (or a home!) the following day?

Another thought that occurred to me is that SAF should be selling those posters. I don’t see them in their merchandise list. I’ll send Alan an email about it.

Update: I got an answer from Alan:

There will be posters for sale at GRPC with the proceeds going to the Calguns Foundation.

Another reason to attend GRPC 2010.—Joe]


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