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Frequently the anti-gun bigots claim that since “strict gun laws are the norm in most countries” we should have similar restrictions in our country. If that were, in fact, a valid basis for implementing laws then when this country was founded we would have had a state religion and a king.

And suppose slavery was the norm in most of the world. Would that be justification to implement slavery in this country?


2 thoughts on “Random thought of the day

  1. Chattel slavery IS practiced very widely all over sub-Saharan Africa, and also all over the Moslem world. These are the new cultural “norms” that “multiculturism” (Nietszche would have seen it for what it is and called it another form of nihilism) is bringing us.

  2. As I said in this wonderful post by Bob S.

    I don’t think the antis actually BELIEVE the rhetoric they spew, I think their rhetoric is just as cherry-picked as their data. Just like “State Rights” is now their rallying cry post Heller/McDonald, but they still won’t condem the Federal AWB or Brady Bill, NFA, GCA, and of course still blame Chicago’s violent crime problem on neighboring state’s lax laws.

    Since they moderate comments and only speak with like-minded people, consistency of their arguments are irrelevant.

    I’m fine with this as I suspect most committed anti-freedom people are stupid, and happy when they look the part.

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