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In 1981 Morton Grove became the first American community to ban the sale and private possession of handguns. The law led to court challenges by the NRA on both the federal and state level, where it was found to be constitutional. The Morton Grove ordinance and subsequent court cases have stood as concrete proof that American communities have the right to ban handguns and that such laws are constitutional.


Violence Policy Center
March 22, 1995
Historic Morton Grove, Illinois Handgun Ban May Be Overturned as Result of National Rifle Association-Backed Gun Law Preemption Campaign
[That “concrete” was made of wistful thinking and lies. It’s time for the VPC to admit defeat and close up shop.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Violence Policy Center

  1. Maybe instead of closing up shop, they should just wait till the balance on the Supreme Court changes. Don’t forget that hair’s-breadth victory you keep mentioning can easily be reversed one day soon.

  2. Only if liberal-leaning judges lie under oath about believing in the principle of stare decisis during their confirmation hearings. Are you suggesting Kagan did so? Are you suggesting future liberal nominees would do so?

  3. Mr. Hardin,

    Don’t forget that Congress can impeach members of the judiciary, up to and including the supreme court. If what you suggest turns out to be true, that would certainly suggest grounds…ah, who are we kidding, it’ll never happen.

  4. It will not have to happen. The resulting unintended consequences will settle that question permanently if the USSC ever rules that guns are illegal.

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