Quote of the day–Bill Clinton

I also support a ban on semi-automatic assault weapons, which have no legitimate hunting purpose. This will limit access to multiple-round
clips like the one used in the tragic killings in Killeen, Texas.

Bill Clinton
August 10, 1993
[This is the 17 year anniversary for that statement Bill. How did that work out for you? Any advice for present day politicians facing the mid-term elections?–Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Bill Clinton

  1. http://www.remington.com/product-families/firearms/centerfire-families/autoloading-model-r-25.aspx

    “Remington is excited to announce the Model R-25, a modular repeating rifle designed for big game hunters. The Model R-25 is available in 243 Win., 7mm-08 Remington and 308 Win.; three of today’s most popular short action hunting cartridges.”

    Go figure, somebody looking to take away our individual liberties getting caught in a bald-faced lie.

    I read somewhere that the AR platform has become the most popular hunting rifle platform in America these days.

    Of course that rifle is a “Ban Compliant” model, but I dare anybody to explain to me how adding a bayonet lug, or a flash suppressor, or an adjustable stock to it would “Spoil the hunt”.

  2. We still have the ban here (California).

    I must say, prior to the ban, California was ground central for mass shootings (Stockton, San Ysidro, etc.). Since the ban, the mass shootings seem to happen in other places — so that part is nice.

  3. A ban that is generally worked around (bullet button), ignored (off-list lowers), or simply bypassed (buying a more-evil-black-rifle that shoots larger bullets faster… like I did). Yeah, good on Kalifornistan for wasting taxpayers’ money doing that.

    A ban that, on the national level, had no discernable affect on crime whatsoever… which is hardly surprising, given that assault weapons were used for less than 1% of all firearm-related crimes.

    In Clinton’s case, the fact that a new assault weapon ban is a complete non-starter, to the point that it has not even been officially proposed since it was “allowed” to expire, should indicate just how far off-base his position was. But, then, he was never too bright to begin with.

  4. Right, ubu; without legal semi autos with muzzle threads, bayonet lugs and pistol grip stocks, those mass shooters are toothless.

    You do realize, don’t you, that the so-called “ban” simply meant we had to buy our new AR-15s with plain muzzles and the bayonet lugs filed off, and we had to get our 30 round magazines second-hand at higher prices? Used rifles of the original configuration (with all the evil features) remained in broad circulation, legally, throughout the life of the “ban”. Other than that, there was no ban. It simply meant a slightly different looking firearm, with exactly the same function and firepower.

    The “ban” also created more interest in “evil black rifles” among the public, to the point that these types of rifles are today the most popular, and are still selling like hotcakes. If crime went down for any reason other than better law enforcement, it would have been because of the ban alright, because the ban caused more people to become interested in guns and start buying them. The “ban” is credited for creating the biggest boom in the firearm industry since the Civil War. (OK I added the last bit, but people were crediting Bill Clinton as “Gun Salesman of the Year” several years running. Obama is a close second, if he hasn’t already taken Clinton’s title, just for being a big-time, old-school Lefty.

    Joe and I are two such people. I never owned my own gun until the “ban” was passed. Then I, and millions of others, armed up big time.

  5. Did the firearm suicides rates change meaningfully after the ban, ubu52? What was the ratio of firearm suicides to homicides then, and what is it now?

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