Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

Universal Unloading Place

Translation: Bathroom.

From the Greg Hamilton to English Dictionary by Meredith Robinson.
[If you travel and carry a gun a lot you will find yourself needed to load and unload as you cross political jurisdictions and entering/leaving an airport. Bathroom stalls are your friend. Although I have successfully done it at baggage pick up, while at the curb waiting for a shuttle and other nearly open places.

We really need to fix these stupid laws that force this sort of behavior. The more gun handling the greater the chance of an accident. The gun should be put on when you get up from bed and taken off when you go to bed.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Greg Hamilton

  1. Here here:

    “The gun should be put on when you get up from bed and taken off when you go to bed.” and Unloaded only when you are cleaning or shooting it.

    How many Glock Ka-booms do you think were results of dorky police procedures that require officers to constantly pull rounds from the chamber only to re-feed them again. Round Set-back plus unsupported chamber (but not necessarily, this could happen as easily with a Sig, an M&P, or a 1911) finally when the gun is discharged a grenade is created.

  2. Round Set-back. I recall reading on the sorely missed Kim DuToit’s website that a commenter whose name I’ve forgotten rotates his ammo out of his carry piece if he has to chamber a round more than once.

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