Respecting the First Amendment through the Second

And people wonder why we don’t want law enforcement to have discretion when we apply for a discreet carry license:

Paul [Dorr] was denied a permit precisely because Sheriff Weber believed that his free speech rights offended the majority of voters in Osceola County….

In denying Paul a concealed weapons permit, Sheriff Weber single handedly hijacked the First Amendment and nullified its freedoms and protections. Ironically, Sheriff Weber, sworn to uphold the Constitution, in fact retaliated against a citizen of his county who used this important freedom of speech and association precisely in the manner envisioned by the founding members of our Nation who ratified the Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791.

Imagine how some deep south pot-bellied sheriff would used “discretion” in issuing licenses to the people with dark colored skin in his jurisdiction. There might be a conflict of interest with his duties as the leader of the local chapter of the KKK.

Abuse of discretion is still going on in places like California. This needs to be corrected.

H/T to Ted for the email (and some bloggers for the) pointer.


One thought on “Respecting the First Amendment through the Second

  1. Thanks for the hat-tip, Mr. Huffman. I thought you might be interested in the connection between 1st Amendment rights and 2nd Amendment rights, and how bigotry in one can affect the other.

    We were very fortunate here in Minnesnowta to have a dedicated group of civil rights activists push through the MN-PPA (Minnesota Personal Protection Act, aka, MN Statute 624.714) which removed discretion from the local sheriff, and made this state a “shall-issue” permit state.

    We’ve still got a long way to go until we reach true civil rights regarding firearms in this state, as they have in NH and AK, but maybe we’ll get there someday, and not require a permit to exercise a right clearly spelled out in the Constitution.

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