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We are winning, slowly but surely, and this is because logic, reason, and morality are on our side.

Robb Allen
July 6, 2010
When I say Read the Whole Thing
[15 years ago I would have said this wasn’t going to be enough and I began my preparations accordingly (which is part of the reason there is Boomershoot). And perhaps it wasn’t.

We had some luck and I think our opponents made some stupid blunders. I would like to think that luck and opponent blunders were not required but when I think about those dark days I can’t help but believe things could have ended up very differently if only a couple key battles had gone the other way.–Joe]


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  1. From what I’ve seen, there is a definite lack of information online regarding the crucial battles of the War For the Second Amendment, particularly the decisive ones in the late ’90’s and early ’00’s.

    One false meme that has been widely circulated is the idea that the 1994 GOP landslide was the decisive battle in that war. True, the Dems got a much-deserved ass-kicking for the Brady Bill and the AWB (and for Brady II, the draconian law that was in the works before the election). However, the GOP then proceeded to do what they normally do: ignore the voters who elected them. Dole and Gingrich decided to “distance” themselves from the “divisive” NRA, and refused to repeal the AWB. What’s worse, they pushed through the unconstitutional ex-post-facto Lautenberg Amendment, without even allowing the Congressmen to read it. By 1997, things were as dark as ever again for gun owners.

    What actually turned the tide was Clinton’s attempt to sue gun manufacturers in order to force them into gun control agreements that, if they’d been successful, would have been a de facto registration scheme. S&W did give in to the lawsuits, and everyone expected that to be the domino that would bring down private gun ownership once and for all. Instead, it touched off an anti-S&W boycott, and S&W’s owners had to sell the business for pennies on the dollar. This was the decisive battle, because it established the 2A movement as the “strong horse,” causing both candidates in 2000 to run from their previously pro-gun control records.

    Another decisive battle was when Michael Bellesiles was revealed as a fraud, regarding his claim that guns had not been common in America before the Civil War. This shredded the argument that the individual rights interpretation of 2A was invented by greedy gun manufacturers.

    I am a lifelong Republican, but I’m not going to let them get away with rewriting history to make themselves the heroes of the 2A rights movement. Most GOP politicians during the 1990’s treated 2A activists as if they had the pneumonic plague. Considering the way they bend over backwards to apologize for Nixon’s Southern Strategy from forty years ago (which in the real world, BTW, was based not on racism but on support for the Vietnam War), the least they can do for gun owners is to apologize for not having their back a mere decade and a half ago.

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