Experts Surprised…

…again.  One wonders how often an “expert” can express surprise at an outcome and still qualify as an expert.

Breaking news!  Apparently it can get hot in New York in the summer.  Amazing.


3 thoughts on “Experts Surprised…

  1. My rule of thumb is that anyone who claims to be an expert, isn’t.

    The people who actually know something will never claim to be expert at it.

  2. The more we know, the more we know we don’t know? SecDef Rumsfeld said something like that, and got lambasted for it; “We don’t yet know what we don’t yet know.” I guess he wasn’t an “expert”. That makes him OK in my book.

    Still; I’ll go out on a limb and predict hot weather throughout most of the country next summer too, and furthermore that hot weather will continue to be a top news item; “ZOMG we’re all gonna dieeee..! It’s hot in summer!” Here’s a secret many “experts” don’t know; it’s probably going to get cold this coming winter. Look for the headlines come December or January.

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