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Actually there are some similarities in gun ownership and worship. But it not in the way the artist portrays it here. It seems pretty clear to me that the artist is scornful of the concept of gun ownership and recognizing our inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

The similarities are that both are specific, enumerated, rights guaranteed to be protected by the U.S. Constitution. Both are essential for a free society to remain free. And of course both have cults, fringe leaders, have silly arguments over unimportant details like which is better a Glock after being baptized in the river, or a 1911 after being sprinkled with Holy Water.

If they would just think of us a religious group with gun ownership being the only criteria for membership in the church it would make things a lot easier and simpler for them to understand (I am not the first to suggest this but I can’t remember who I should give credit to). Simple is important because so often they have problems understanding even when you use simple words and concepts.

Imagine what that would mean: The Church of Gun would be the single largest church in the country, no taxes when you worship at a recognized range, and membership wouldn’t mean you were perfect–I would just mean that you were saved.


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  1. I won’t lie, I love the 1911, and I look at John Browning with the reverence as many will look at religious prophets.

    That being said I CARRY a 1911, not out of reverence, or admeration. I carry a 1911 because they work, and because all the credible data I have read shows I’m better off to have a gun on me than not. The other side doesn’t seem to have anything persuasive in their pocket, so here I remain a converted anti-gun bigot who now spends most of his life armed.

    My support for the Second Amendment and the basic human right of self defense is the opposite of religion. I have ZERO faith in my belief, I only have concrete data, and observations of the dishonesty and malice of the other side of which I was once a member.

    I will debate with any anti-rights person who will hear me out, because I have no faith in my position. If they can persuade me that I am NOT better off owning and keeping guns, I won’t get upset, I won’t protest. I’ll thank them for their time, and haul my complete collection, from my carry pieces, and my SHTF guns, to family heirlooms, old safe queens, and one Mosin Nagant that by ATF definitions is not a firearm at all (it was made in 1896), and I will take them to a friend’s machine shop have have them all torch cut per ATF standards and rendered inoperable, and I will sell them as scrap.

    I will then work to get others to join me in destroying all their guns.

    I’ve had this position for as long as I’ve owned guns, and made it known to antis who seem to think that my views are wrong. Not only have I not been convinced that I am wrong….nobody seems to have made much of an effort to convince me.

    So here I stand, a converted Anti….

  2. It’s interesting that the artist figured it would take until 2049 for the gun worship religion to take off. Based on current events, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the first “Armamosque” to under construction much sooner. Ah, can’t wait for the morning call to prayer,”Make Ready! — Shooter Ready?”

  3. The artist/author wasn’t just slighting the Gun Folks, he was saying a lot about religion in general (in his own eyes). As fast as the gun shooting groups grows, not just the owners but the shooters, it will be bigger than the anti-gun groups want. We have to get precision rifle and pistol shooting back into the high schools and on campus everywhere. When that happens we will have won two victories – more good shooters, and something that one can’t give equal value to the bullets scored just to make everyone feel good.

  4. Monte Wolverton was still alive in 1999? I have a couple of his “Computer Myths Explained” cartoons suitable for framing. No wonder they aren’t worth anything.

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