Quote of the day–State Sen. Steve Russell

What’s next? How about Starbucks on the side of our M1 tanks?

State Sen. Steve Russell
June 14, 2010
A School Prays for Help
[Although his comment was in a completely different context and unrelated in intent I, of course, thought of it in terms of delivering a cup of Starbucks finest to Paul Helmke at his office in my personally owned, Second Amendment guaranteed, M1.–Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–State Sen. Steve Russell

  1. I’m with Kris. It would be better than our current system of purely coercive funding, no?

  2. My first thought: Starbuck, what’s not to like.

    As far as school budgets go, I would like to see them all 100% privately financed. But then, I’m one of those extremists.

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