Gun cartoon of the day

Useful to whom?

The only answer I can see is that such locks are useful to the enemies of freedom.


5 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Trigger lock installed on a wheel gun with the hammer cocked back?

    Clearly the author of this comic has a well researched background on gun safety.

  2. And a rich background in researching, studying and contemplating America’s Founding Principles.

    Not to belabor the point, but it’s also a spurless hammer (meaning DAO) with a firing pin. That’s one unusual, old revolver. Oh, and cylinder appears to be installed backwards, or to put it another way; I have yet to see a semi-fluted cylinder with the flutes at the back, but I will allow out that it may have been done on one or two guns at some point since the 1840s. We can call it poetic license, or blithering ignorance, depending on the observer.

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