This should be a clue

Someone is asking:

Where can I find “positive” ATF videos?

Raw or not, “positive” videos seem nearly impossible to find for the ATF (and even for FEMA,
for that matter).

You have to have positive acts by the ATF before you can have positive videos of it.


3 thoughts on “This should be a clue

  1. Joe, yer Aspitude is showing again. You’re getting all honest-like there, and pointing out the truth, and telling folks exactly what you think. I know you’re not a theist, but may I send you a compliment by quoting whomever, who said, “The noblest work of God is an honest man?”

  2. “Where can I find “positive” ATF videos?”

    Answer: The same place you find “positive” Pol Pot videos.

  3. Justthis; I can’t speak for Joe, and wouldn’t dare try, but I’m not at all put off by such comments. If God and Satan are metaphors and not real sky ghosts, the concepts they represent are still very real, so it works for me.

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