Video glasses update

As I mentioned before I broke my new video glasses while taking them off. I considered just gluing them but decided to call and see if I could purchase a replacement part. I called the number in the user manual for Global One Sales & Distribution (814-669-1953) and was told they would ship me the new part but recommended I send them in for repair. The camera is in that part of the frame and there are wires going back to the processor and memory card. The cost, including shipping back to me is $40. I sent them in for repair.

He asked me how I broke them. I told him and he said I was for the fourth person to break them taking the glasses off while the lanyard was attached. They haven’t had other people break them at all. I advise not using the lanyard. What happened to me was that I tried to take them off with one hand holding on to the frame just in front of my left ear. As I pulled them over my head the lanyard caught on my right ear and the glasses were pulled as if it were a wishbone. The lanyard had a large moment arm (engineer speak for “big lever”) and the frame could not handle the force.

There are a few other things of note here. 1) I could not find a website for “Global One Sales & Distribution”; 2) The phone number 814-669-1953 (a Texas area code) is associated with a Self-Storage facility in Pennsylvania which has the same address as that which I was requested to ship the glasses to; 3) These glasses have more features (via a comment from wizardpc) and cost less than $75 (I paid $239 + tax for mine from Afton Arms who had a booth at the NRA meeting).