A steel challenge match from the eyes of the shooter

I participated in a Steel Challenge match today. I used my new video glasses (I have Sportsman Eyewear model 465 ) and then edited out most of the boring stuff. Here is the result:

I learned some things. When obtaining video I should move my head less. When asked, “Are you ready?” I should keep my head still instead of nodding.

The electronics must have some automatic gain control on the audio. The first string of fire you can hear the R.O. and first shot well. Then it gets much quieter and you can barely hear the R.O. and the shots are muffled some.

The frame rate is supposed to be about 35 fps. This is really too slow to capture what I see when shooting. In the video it seems to go much faster than when I am actually shooting. I see far more than what you can see in the video.

Still, I like what I see and plan to do this again taking into account the lessons learned.

Fellow shooters had other applications for the glasses too. The first one I heard today, “This will revolutionize the home porn industry.” Yeah, I had thought of that too. Don’t expect to see any of that on this blog.

Another suggestion was to get about $5000 in cash and go through TSA while wearing the glasses to capture them hassling you. “What would that accomplish?”, I asked. “Maybe you could get someone fired.” “But I want them ALL fired.”, I replied.

Just anytime you are interacting with authority they could be a great asset.

And in specific, from John Hardin, in the comment here came what I thought was the best suggestion. Use them when open carrying. Great idea!


13 thoughts on “A steel challenge match from the eyes of the shooter

  1. The porn comment shows how out-of-touch the commenter is with the porn industry; POV has existed (and been in use) since the mid-late 90s. Yes, the modern cameras are better, but they’ve been wearing them for almost 15 years.

    You can tell what kind of DVDs someone watches my looking at the “angle” button on the remote; worn out? Veteran porn hound. Unused? Typical DVD owner.

  2. Pretty neat.

    This is definately something that the OC’ers should get on board with (except that some states have their horrible wiretapping laws).
    Your word and your video of the incident vs cops’ word and their “oops we lost the dash-cam video.”

    I’m sure if these catch on you’ll have one of the last legal ones (the ban will come).

  3. That’s what I call an FPS!
    Where’s the frickin’ ‘Like’ button?!
    Muy coolio, Jose!

  4. Those glasses are way cool Joe. Please ping me on IM if you ever bring them to work – I’ll definitely take the time out to come down and see them!

  5. Darwin; Joe typically scores near the top in these local events. He has included his throw away strings with his best. People who shoot better than that tend not to insult their fellow shooters.

    That’s pretty cood video. Very useful as a feedback device for training, I would think.

  6. What I take away from the video, other than its coolness, is an example of the proverbial balance between speed and accuracy. Joe is working on both sides, and in the middle, of the balance beam, so to speak, and so is doing a good job. If he could spend more time in that ideal zone, he could score better without improving his top accuracy. Also; the bowling pins aren’t being hurled back as forcefully as I’ve seen with 45 ACP loads. I’d have to watch it again, or in slowmo, to figure out where the rounds are impacting, but that 40 S&W load might could be improved for better pin hurling.

  7. I don’t shoot so you can take what I have to say with a grain of salt, but, have you tried to shoot with your elbows in, Joe? I notice you appear to shoot down to your left.

    As dumb as it might sound, try this next time you shoot at chest-high targets: Square up to the target. Pull your elbows in (especially your right elbow if you are right handed — pull it towards the centerline). Aim and shoot.

    I’m curious what will happen if you try this with a gun. I can tell you what happens when you do this with darts.

  8. ubu52,

    When shooting a handgun with two hands the elbows should be almost straight. So your suggestion doesn’t really make sense in this context. Thanks for the suggestion though.

    The thing I did see wrong was that my grip was a little off and the gun recoils up and to right instead of straight up.

    If the shots went low and left left it was because I was jerking the trigger a little instead of doing the proper squeeze and follow through.

  9. Odd. I ran across some web filtering software the other day that classified that HandsFreeVideo.com site as being in the ‘Sex’ category.

    I wonder how the heck that happened.

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