Registration day at the NRA annual meeting

The weather is just a little on the warm side of what I am comfortable with and the humidity is pretty high but it’s still well within tolerable limits.

There is lots of press coverage. Below is a picture of the mobile units from a couple local television stations. I later saw a “talking head” standing around in front of a camera wait for their time to say a few sentences.

In the picture below the three people on the left are NRA staff. On the right are Sebastian and Bitter. In between are the media badges.

Below is the view of the exhibit floor from the Press Office.

At ~17:30 a few bloggers and some NRA staff went to a bar for drinks and to talk. Say Uncle showed up not too much later.

At ~19:30 a few of the bloggers went to a restaurant at the Westin Hotel where we had very small tasty meals which were very expensive and very pretty.

At ~20:30 we moved to a bar in the Westin where Dave Kopel and other high powered legal types hung out with us and kept us enthralled with stories from behind the scenes and what may and may not be possible for the right to keep and bear arms in the future. I also met George after years of occasional correspondence. 

At ~12:45 the last of the bloggers and one of the legal minds retired. Two lawyers went off to smoke. One a cigar and the other a pipe.

Tomorrow I will spend most of the day on the exhibit floor.


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  1. Congrats on attending; I’m looking forward to your coverage of the exhibits. But 84 degrees? Seriously, 84 is nothing. We haven’t gotten to WARM weather yet.

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