You got that right

From Canada:

She says she doesn’t want to think about the consequences if the gun registry disappears.

I see no evidence that she did any thinking up until now so I think the risk of her starting now is pretty low.


2 thoughts on “You got that right

  1. You are correct. There is no thought in her statement.It is a typical response given by the dark side about firearms. They simply cannot fathom freedom in Canada because it is a socialist country.

  2. The person interviewed is a survivor of the college shooting they had there several years ago. While that is not an excuse for her having the opinions she expresses, it is likely a reason. Sometimes people think that because they experienced first hand a very non-normal event, they need to exert whatever control they can over such things. While the Canuck gun registry has never stopped a crime, including the one she experienced, this person feels the need to have something to which she can point, and say, “This might help.”

    Personally, I think a good self-defense class might help her gain more emotional and actual control of her surroundings than anything the gun registry will ever do.

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