Methinks the poster doth protest too much

Sometimes the responses write themselves. The response to this is a case in point:

Guns are useless, especially handguns. But I’m not that ignorant: I know that gun control is a lot like health care–everyone knows it’s a good idea, but we really don’t want it to cost anyone their “freedom” (or worse, their money!).

Apparently he is that ignorant.

I would like to suggest he ask the next police officer why he or she is carrying a useless handgun and then read up on what “everyone knows”.


9 thoughts on “Methinks the poster doth protest too much

  1. Wow, Does he even re-read his posts before hitting that “Submit” button? I mean how many times can you contradict yourself in a single post??

  2. I’ve read that quote three times and I still don’t understand what he said. It isn’t even a cogent statement!

  3. Look at the underlying assumptions and it makes sense, or rather, it is consistent;
    Socialized medicine is great, and everyone knows it, but those ignorant bastards who love “freedom” are getting in the way of what’s right. Worst of all is that people want to control their own money. The assumption is that invoking (evil) money (capitalism, really) as the “worst” thing in human life, will garner nods of approval from your audience. You can guess the environment in which this person has been spending time.

    From a statist world view, this is what passes for a sensible argument. The real contradiction is that communists need guns as the means to force people into compliance. However, if we define the “guns as being worthless” assertion as “guns in the hands of the masses (as opposed to the hands of the Party)” and we assume communism/statism as the ideal, then the comment remains consistent throughout.

    Also, we find the standard “I’m not that ignorant” assertion. Rather than let an argument stand on its own merits, the statist is obliged to assert superior intelligence or authority as a means of suppressing dissent. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been told that I should agree with this or that because the people asserting it are “smart”. Hint; chances are, if you go out of your way to tell me that your idea is smart, or that I should agree with you because the smart people agree with it, it isn’t smart. That’s just another form of argumentum ad hominem, and if this is the kind of thing that reinforces their beliefs, it shows, once again, that we are up against a cult (i.e. dangerous) mentality.

    One can’t simply point out (to them) that they are being contradictory, because in their minds they’re making perfect sense. That, plus the fact that their beliefs are reinforced by the “smart” people around them, are all the proof they need to conclude that you are the dangerous idiot.

    So as always, the underlying assumptions and principles are what make the argument, so one can’t attack the argument without addressing those underlying sources. It’s like cutting the grass in an attepmt to get rid of it, without addressing the roots or the water that feeds them.

  4. I would like this babbling idiot to tell me how useless a handgun is next time a goblin breaks into his house, and the police are “on their way.”
    Seriously. I would love to be there, just standing to one side, while Mr Intelligent is beaten to a bloody pulp. This ass is so used to having someone else wipe him after the bathroom, that he wouldn’t know how to defend himself.
    Me, after the goblin got done with Mr Intelligent, then I would show my own handgun to defend myself.
    Listening to him afterwards? Priceless.

  5. Welp, he just said that any gun owner who does not agree with his personal agenda of increasing/tightening “gun control” measures is not “intelligent”. I guess it takes one to know one.

    I am certainly done with him, after that.

  6. That imbecile is a typical example of what we are getting dumped on us via gov’ment schools. He has no idea that he lives in the United States of America as versus Hungary or Cambodia. He could not make a distinction between any of those three countries. A total Troll and candidate for .gov supplied neck iron.


    I smell reasoned discourse coming on.

    “Thirdly, if I choose to take this entry down it is not because of “people I disagree with.” I will remove it simply because I do not know most of you people, nor do I understand how you came upon my blog. I can only assume that someone spent time searching for someone they could disagree with, and frankly, I don’t want to waste anymore of your or my time with this useless back-and-forth.”

    He then continues to lie in the comments to push his feelings that don’t agree with reality.

  8. Darn, I never even got to read it before it was memory-holed!

    Oh well, bigots rarely react well to having their bigotry exposed.

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