One of the most significant factors

Sometimes you just have to wonder about their brain functionality. Sure, they are Canadian, but this is really over the top:

While rates of spousal violence and spousal homicide against women have dropped by 15 per cent over the past decade, the report slams the government’s determination to scrap the long gun registry, which it credits as “one of the most significant factors” in reducing violence against women.

Registration of long guns reduced the rate of violence against women? Do they actually believe someone that is going to seriously injury or kill their spouse is going to obey the law about registering their rifle?


2 thoughts on “One of the most significant factors

  1. Grasping at straws, and not afraid of being recognized as doing so. Wow.

    I suppose we are to believe there was a lot of violence against women, in which long guns were used? Or are we to believe that the presence of an unregistered long gun leads to violence all by itself– the old evil spirit possession theory, in which the unregistered gun’s mere presence creates violent thoughts and actions in those around it, whereas the same gun, after being registered, stops having said influence? Yeah. That must be it.

  2. No, Lyle, what we are supposed to believe is that Canada’s liars are just like our liars. They lie/

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