DNA sequencing Fe based life forms

One could get snarky with this one and revive the joke about the anti-gun people thinking guns are living things that kill on their own. Apparently some people think guns have their own DNA:

As a countermeasure, Magnus has proposed a plan to trace every weapon recovered on the street using DNA technology available through state and federal agencies. The county’s crime lab does not possess the technology needed for such testing, he said.

Or snark about science hasn’t yet sequenced even one Fe based lifeform yet so it will be a great many more years before the crime lab possesses the technology.

But probably it was just a lazy and/or stupid reporter than didn’t bother to get the story straight. The ones that could have figured it out were probably fired long ago for “holding on to the notion there is an objective reality”.


4 thoughts on “DNA sequencing Fe based life forms

  1. Some reporter’s been drinking too much of thier own Kool-Aid & watching (and believing it’s real) too many of the CSI series.

    “Yes, we’re going to pluck this one atom out of the air, and with our super-special Hollywood non-existent special effects forensics machine, reconstruct the entire crime at the crime scene, complete with a life-sized mock-up of the criminal, with fingerprints and address.”

    Book ’em, Dano. (oops, wrong show)

  2. Like I say, guns are the catch-all excuse for the failures of public servants. What a wonderful racket! Pass (used in the same sense as passing through the bowels) legislation that makes weapons contraband, and use the false metric of contraband seized to justify further gouging of the taxpayer to support worthless initiatives. Meanwhile: violent crime!

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