3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Marshall McLuhan

  1. Unlike an unfamiliar highway, history does tend to repeat itself, including the part where we so repeatedly fail to learn from it.

  2. But wait. I wonder just how clearly we see the road behind us. History is being rewritten all the time. Was America founded by basically good, hard-working, caring entrepreneurs who wanted only the best for people, or was it founded by greedy, exploitative, white supremacist patriarchs who only wanted to dominate others for power and profit? That proverbial review mirror may need a good cleanin’ once in a while.

  3. Maybe this is a better analogy; several people in the car, nothing but the rearview mirror for navigation, each person hell bent on taking a different path, none of them agreeing even on where they’ve been, all fighting tooth and nail for control of the steering wheel.

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