Quote of the day–Lt. Ray Lunny

When police are called to a ‘man with a gun’ call they typically are responding to a situation about which they have few details other than that one or more people are present at a location and are armed. Officers may have no idea that these people are simply ‘exercising their rights.’

Lt. Ray Lunny
San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office
January 28, 2009
News report inspires man to display gun in E. Palo Alto store
[Sounds a lot like responding to a call about someone “driving while black” in the “wrong” neighborhood.

You have to “love” them putting “exercising their rights” in quotation marks.

Via Say Uncle.–Joe]


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  1. Sad to say I live in that stupid county. If I could get out, I would (preferably out of the dang state!)

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