It’s not fear of government

Some anti-gun people get upset and start whining about pro-gun people being “afraid of our government”. They try to portray citizens exercising their right to keep and bear arms as paranoid. In the general case this is certainly wrong.

It is not a fear of government that motivates us to acquire arms and training. It is the public servants that do not fear their citizens.


11 thoughts on “It’s not fear of government

  1. Mike; since in the majority of cases your public servants don’t respect you and never will, the best you can hope for is their fear. Sure; we’d all like to have their respect, but that’s generally not in the cards. It is up to the servants who have taken an adversarial relationship with the People, and their (the servants) attitudes alone determine whether they will respect us or whether they must fear us.

    The aggressor sets the rules, no? Forget the assertions. Dismiss them out of hand. Anyone who actively attacks the liberties, freedom or property of others is taking an aggressive stance and damned well should fear the People. They sure as bloody hell don’t respect us.

  2. And even if individuals did fear our government, it is not exactly like those fears are completely and absolutely unfounded, especially given obvious historical precedents.

  3. Linoge,

    I agree. But that is accepting the role of defense rather than claiming offense.

    The government should be in a position of proving, by at least a preponderance of evidence, that it does fear and/or respect us.

  4. Oh, I certainly agree – just pointing out that, should the worst come to worst, we can honestly have it both ways.

  5. When the government fears the people there is liberty.
    When the people fear the government there is tyranny.

    Thomas Jefferson (I think)

    The last few seconds.

    Yep, I love Ted Nugent! Direct and to the point.

  6. Rob,

    I was going to use that when some gun fearing wussy accused me of irresponsibly advocating rebellion or some such thing. And you went and spoiled my surprise.


  7. Yup. How far we have fallen that invoking the words and sentiments of our nation’s founders can get you labeled as “crazy” or “dangerous” in some circles. It says more about the people making such charges than it does about us, no? If our founding principles are considered “extreme” it only shows that we have fallen into an extreme situation.

  8. Here’s another Jefferson quote:

    “The tree of liberty must be nourished from time to time by the mingled blood of patriots and tyrants, which is its necessary manure.”

    Now that’s revolutionary!

    Sell your bonds. Buy guns!

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