Quote of the day–Il_Deuce

Kill all gun owners.

December 15, 2009
Comment to Gun prohibitionists reveal strategy of upcoming attack.
[Sounds a lot like what people have said about Jews, homosexuals, and blacks over the years. And sometimes people tried to actually do just thatafter they took the guns away from them.

A suggestion to Il_Deuce–bring your own body bag when you start that little project of yours.–Joe]


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  1. A suggestion to Il_Deuce–bring your own body bag when you start that little project of yours.–Joe]

    What makes you think this little turd would consider doing this himself? HE expects the government agents to do his work for him because anyone that would oppose this must be insane and is a threat to the government. Besides, It’s for the children don’t ya know.

  2. Once the fight starts what makes you think people won’t take the fight to him and those that advocated the pogroms against gun owners?

  3. I was once asked by a cop, why I beat the Hell out of someone I did not know. I told him that this particular unknown person had threatened to whip my ass. He then asked “Did he try?” I said, “I don’t know, I believed him and that was enough for me to start on him.” A little more checking on the cop’s part, my story was backed up by other people I didn’t know, the cop told me to have a good day didn’t even check my ID. Obviously, this was a very long time ago, when there was more sense in the world and good cops owned a good part of it.

    All that to say this. If Il Deuce developed enough courage to say that to someone’s face, he should be dropped. It would be justified, it should be expected, and the law should support such action. However, things have seriously changed over the years and this twerp would be considered the wronged party today. Don’t know that I would pay much attention to the present conditions, though, should he do such a thing. I would hope I would do what needed to be done and what he had earned.

    I am not necessarily suggesting the lesson should be fatal to him, but it should be severe enough that he becomes cognizant of the possible consequences of that which he advocates. It does tend to be self adjusting when someone such as Il Douche, er,uh Deuce, realizes that he cannot hire all the consequences absorbed by armed agents he would send.

  4. Wow… just plain wow… Aside from Laci the Bitch… er… Dog, there are not terribly many anti-rights advocates willing to stand up and say that they sincerely wish to murder anyone and everyone who dares disagree with them (at least when it comes to firearms). One almost has to give him/her a fair amount of credit for believing in their cause sufficiently to verbalize it in such a public location.

    That said, such individuals who would wish death upon anyone exercising a naturally-granted, Constitutionally-protected right, especially one so basic as self-preservation/defense, is indeed the very lowest of scum, and should be treated and regarded as such.

  5. There you are, living up in Idaho, and you didn’t include the Mormons among those that people have threatened/tried to kill off. Now you’ve gone and hurt my feelings.

    Although, when I was being a tourist in Nauvoo, IL in the restored Browning gun making shop the worker was showing off the collection of Browning firearms on display. When she got to the Browning Machine Gun, one of the other tourists said something to the effect of “If he had only invented that a little sooner we never would have had to move to Utah.”

  6. What is a Browning machine gun doing in the Browning firearms shop in Nauvoo, IL? That shop was owned by John Moses Browning’s father. JMB wasn’t even born until 1855 after when his family lived in Ogden, UT. As far as I know, Jonathan Browning (the father) never developed a machine gun in Nauvoo nor later in Ogden. John Moses Browning (the son) developed the Browning Machine Gun (M1895) more than 10 years after his father died.

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