Quote of the day–Suzanne Laplante-Edward

The gun-control law is a monument erected to the memory of our daughters.

Suzanne Laplante-Edward
December 7, 2009
Gun Control Issue Reveals a Changing Canada
Her daughter, Anne-Marie, was killed in the Montreal shooting in 1989.
[That explains so much. I wondered what that law was for.

Her daughter would have been far better off had she had a gun of her own and appropriate training on how to use it to defend innocent life. The $2 billion spend on the registry would have been better spend on arming and training people at risk of being victims instead of attempting to disarm more victims.

Update: And the next time you want to build a $2 Billion monument–use your own money and don’t hassle other people in the process.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Suzanne Laplante-Edward

  1. And the next time you want to build a $2 Billion monument–use your own money and don’t hassle other people in the process.


    If you want to to build some monument to your dead kids, more power to you. But forcing other people to pay for it, and abridging those people’s rights at the same time, is simply inexcusable, no matter how unfortunate your loss may be.

  2. I know I will be accused of being heartless and excessively mean spirited but I have noticed over the years that people of that stripe actually revel in the loss of their loved one. Ok, I grant that there was probably genuine sorrow immediately following such a horrible loss. But then I notice the glee with which they embrace their second generation victimhood, remember they were not the real victims, so their victimhood is once removed.

    They suddenly find themselves listened to and taken seriously, they gain fame and/or notoriety. They become known and launch whole careers made possible by the heinous act perpetrated on their loved one. They never with a few exceptions fight for things that would have saved their lost one, but instead campaign for reducing everyone else to their lost one’s helpless status.

    Which causes me to think that people such as this would not, if given the opportunity, reverse the situation and have their loved one not die at the hands of another. Does anyone seriously believe that Carolyn McCarthy valued her husband more than she values the political career his murder made possible? I don’t. I don’t, simply because she has done all she could to place others at the same unwinnable risk her husband was in on that train. Had she valued him more than she values the goodies his death brought her, she would be working to see that it didn’t happen to others.

    Same with this Canadian woman and her “monument”.

    It is time to publicly call these people on it. Sure, they’ll scream how mean and despicable we are, but they do that anyway. It is time for us to expose them to others who haven’t paid attention to some simple principles. “If you don’t like what happened you don’t keep doing it”, would certainly put the lie to their protests for anybody who thinks. And just may open some eyes for some who heretofore have refused to think.

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