That would last me about 30 seconds

I guess it’s just what socialists do–they disarm their victims. In Venezuela:

This envisages what Mendoza called a “specific prohibition under which any person cannot buy more than 50 bullets a year.” Mendoza, a middle-ranking member of Chávez’s governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), said the proposal represented “a form of reducing the parameters when it comes to the use of firearms and ammunition.”

The deputy said the proposal had been drawn up in collaboration with the scientific and investigative police, CICPC – the equivalent of the FBI in Venezuela – the state security service, DISIP, the National Guard, and the Procurator General’s Office. As far as is known, none of these organizations are known to be staffed by innocents.

Mendoza said that under the reform, “nobody will be able to carry more than two clips and these must not have more than 34 rounds or bullets for personal defense.”

It depends on what I’m practicing but I could go through 50 rounds (an entire years allotment of ammo in Venezuela) in less than 30 seconds. It certainly would make my practice sessions shorter and cheaper. Of course if such a law were implemented in my political jurisdiction I probably would spend my remaining ammo shooting for real instead of just practice.


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  1. I’ve always thought of myself as reasonably prepared but the post Obama ammo run taught me that my former idea of “to much” was FAR to little. I lost some merit badges in the “be prepared” department and now that prices are -starting- to come down a little I plan to ensure that -never- happens again.

    I’m also combining households with the woman I love (still, like 2 years into that) and had a discussion about my “work bench to be” a few weeks ago. Her reaction to planning space for two presses since “after all you haven’t used that one at your house in…” indicates I need 1- to USE my reloading gear which will take some time away from family stuff that I rather like doing and 2- Find a way to more effectively communicate why we keep things on hand “in case”. I don’t normally shop for personal advice on the internet but if any of you all have (good) suggestions…

    Of the tasks on my list I’m glad that needing to walk out of a repressive area like venezuela (was talking New Orleans with TWIL yesterday) is not one of them. We’ve been on a Katrina reading kick at my house for a while, it’s helping me re value self reliance. -B

  2. Venezuela was just taking a look at California and the Passage of AB962.

    So the CAMEL is now in the tent of the United State of America, just can’t wait for the time here in the Golden State when I’am allowed only one cartridge purchase per quarter per registered firearm after paying a fee (not a tax) fill out the paper work to attend a 20 hour class (extra fee for class) and receiving the Certificate of Purchase of Ammunition (fee for certificate) and when I do purchase my Ammunition I will again pay a fee for the processing by the STATE of my Certificate of purchase. So welcome to my future as a citizen of the Peoples Republic of California.

    Remember, it is FEEDOM not Freedom.

  3. Someone in Texas getting a CHL would use the entire allotment just qualifying, and would have nothing to train with the rest of the year. Not the safest option.

  4. Boyd; Reloading is a good idea, but under the Venezuelan model you’d likely not be able to get primers or powder legally, to say nothing of the “contraband” loading equipment you’d need to keep hidden. I guess it’d be similar to running a meth lab or etc. in this country, then you’d still need a place to practice where no one’s counting your shots and such. Better to hook up with a crime/drug cartel so no one’d bother you, or go to work for the government, but then I repeat myself.

  5. No shit! Looks like I have a lifetime supply of ammo in my armory. I guess I can start spending my money on other things!

    Also where are these clips that can hold 18 rounds? The biggest ones I have are my SKS and AR-15 stripper clips that hold a scant 10. 18 would be more-better. Especially when loading up 30 round AR-mags from clips!

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