Report From Howard

From our friend in Israel;


I’m depressed.  Neither METV, ESPN nor FOX Sports had a single NFL game on during the past, extended weekend.  This does not bode well.

At least I should be able to OD on NFL during November.  I’ll be home for the month lecturing to the Greater Washington Council of Governments on the 10th, to M-STEP (Minnesota Symposium on Terrorism and Emergency Preparedness) on the 17th, the Polk County Iowa Sheriff’s Office on the 19th  and at ITOA (nearby Chicago) from the 22nd thru the 24th.  Will be in Connecticut visiting Mom and generally staying at my son and his family in northern Virginia between November 4th and December 1st.

Anyone Exhibiting at any of these conferences let me know.  Anyone want to attend my lecture(s) on terrorism, but not a member of Hosting organization, let me know and I’ll try to get you in.

For the several of you who asked for specific contact information:

If you are contacted by any Israeli proposing to provide terrorism education and/or weapons or other training, an individual who when you request does not immediately provide you with a copy of her/his official Israeli Ministry of Defense permit to Conduct Negotiation with entities in the USA, you should contact:

Gidon Mertez, Representative of the MOD’s Defense Exports Trade Control Division, at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC.  Telephone Number (202)-364-5608.

These folks want to hear from you!

Got to run the dogs out.