Quote of the day–Josh Sugarmann

This goes beyond ironic to absurdist. The question is, what are they going to offer next? Tax holidays on coffins?

Josh Sugarmann
September 5, 2009
Louisiana holds a sales tax holiday for guns
[The state is not allowed to tax churches because the power to tax is the power to destroy and the free exercise of religion is a guaranteed right. Why is the state allowed to tax guns and ammo to begin with?

What if there were 15% tax (there is a 11% Federal excise tax on guns and ammo plus the state sales tax) on the Torah and other religious books and the state dropped the sales tax on the books for a few days? What would the response be if Sugarmann then asked if there was going to be a week where it was legal for humans to be sacrificed for the blood to be used in ‘Purim’ pastries? The same sort of bigotry would be involved. It would only be a little more obvious.–Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Josh Sugarmann

  1. I don’t know if it’s a good comparison. Aren’t guns and ammo more like consumer products. Aren’t you gun guys always telling us the gun is just a tool? I don’t see how you can compare that to religion and religious texts. Tools and consumer products are taxed, even if it’s our “right” to own them.

  2. So if the constitution prevented quartering soldiers, does that mean that my house is no longer a consumer product and shouldn’t be taxed?

    Does anyone know, do they charge sales tax on newspapers?

  3. “Tools and consumer products are taxed, even if it’s our “right” to own them.”

    Yes, we pay sales tax on them, and we also pay sales tax on firearms, so why should we have to pay the extra 11% on them?

  4. If the premise of taxation being prevented in the case of practicing or expressing your rights is correct, then wouldn’t we have the basis for one Doozy of a class action law suit?

  5. Tim Mc,

    You should consider it “on the schedule”. There are other things which need to be resolved first. Incorportion is on the list ahead of taxes.

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