Everything you need to know about carrying guns in public

If I were to tell you that everything you needed to know about guns could be learned from T.V. shows and the movies you would, and rightly so, tell me I was full of crap. If I went even further and said you could learn what you needed to know about carrying guns in public from watching an ad for a video game you would, and rightly so, consider calling the guys from the funny farm.

It’s very clear that the Joyce Foundation needs to put more effort into making sure their guy is taking his meds. Because he just said:

This is without a doubt the embodiment of the gun lobby’s dangerous and irresponsible myth: that an “armed society is a polite society.”

But this old XBOX advertisement that was banned several years ago shows the complete opposite. Depending on your worldview and experience, viewers will undoubtedly have many different responses to this video. But we think it makes a dramatic and cogent argument for keeping all guns — concealed or openly carried — out of our public spaces.

Can anyone demonstrate where even a hint of this type of thing has ever happened? We have millions of people legally carrying guns in public each day and this type of thing has never happened. Not even close–except in his hallucinations. And he thinks it makes a “cogent argument”?

Wow. Did he get his logic training from a comic book?


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  1. Yes, this video is a gross exaggeration. To imply that all gun owners or even most are so jumpy and paranoid as to behave like this is just silly. I restrict the possibility of this type of behaviour to just 10% of you guys. And I’ve given my reasons.

  2. Oh, sure, MikeB – you have given your reasons. Never mind that your “reasons” have absolutely no basis in reality, no basis in history, no factual substantiation, and no logical standing whatsoever… They are your reasons, and therefore they must be accepted without question or validation.

    Yeah… I am not at all sorry to point out that the world simply does not work like that.

    In other news, I had no idea that commercial was banned – I remember seeing it on the telly one year, and being simultaneously amused and concerned that some halfwit moron would try and use it as a basis for an argument sometime. Good to see that halfwit morons never disappoint. `

  3. Mikeb302000,

    Interesting hypothesis. Where is the data that supports even 0.01% acts like this?

    Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any data that supports it. You have data on other characteristics of the population and you hypothesize it justifies your first hypothesis. But you have zero data that supports the scenario in the video.

    We have millions of people carrying guns in public everyday. That is hundreds of billions of encounters every year and it doesn’t happen.

    Let’s do the math.

    On the average about about 2% of the population that you see as you walk down the sidewalk are legally carrying a gun. If each of those six million people encountered 200 people in a day, where “encountered” means having come within range and visibility to shoot them, then there are 1.2 billion encounters per day. With 365 days in a year that is 438 billion encounters per year. Where are the bodies from your “famous 10%”? Shouldn’t those “10%” inflict just one wound per encounter per year? And perhaps a death once every 10 years per encounter? That would be on the order of 10 billion wounded and one billion dead in the U.S. each year.

    When you can show me just 0.01% of that you will get my attention.

    The “famous 10%” are only famous in your hallucinations.

  4. I have never seen that ad before, but showing my age I don’t play x-box either, so that might be why. I found it rather amusing, so why would that ad be banned?

  5. i swear, this guy has to be some sort of brilliant parody. no one (i hope) could be that stupid.

  6. Caleb,

    I wouldn’t be surprised that in some peoples mind if “some whiny hippies complained” that is the equivalent of it being banned.

  7. Initial reaction to just the video, without the context of the post, was that it was funny and a masterpiece of choreography.

    It’s a frikkin’ commercial for crying out loud. Nothing more. What is sad is there are feral idiots out there who actually think this is the embodiment of the liberalization of concealed carry laws over the last 20 or years. I can here them now, deep in the basement of mom and dad’s house while switching out the latest Halo for World of Whatever games: “See? I told you carrying guns in public would lead to bloodshed!”

    Of course these are the same tools who think pro wrestling is real, there really was a second or even third gunman on the grassy knoll, and printing up and dropping a spare trill or so will actually help.

    Keep in mind, that when dealing with the anti’s, no matter how much power you apply to a 10 watt bulb, it’s still just a 10 watt bulb.

  8. Except the power of logic when applied to these particular 10 watt bulbs causes burn0ut due to catastrophic failure of the very thin filament of their minds.

  9. That someone would view this as anything other than a commercial, and then tell everyone that it is indicative of the real world shows that the 10 watt bulb axiom isn’t very far off.

    Of course unlike a real 10 watt bulb, these dim bulbs show repeatedly that instead of replacing the bulb when the logic filament is burned through, they keep applying more and more power hoping for the light to come back on.

  10. Man! That video looks fun, like a huge city wide game of cops and robbers.
    Maybe you could make it so if you get “shot” you are “dead” for 5 minutes, and then you “respawn.”
    It would be GREAT!

  11. That was banned? Are you kidding me? The complete opposite is and would be even more true if we could get a nationwide CCW program. An armed society is a polite society.

  12. Erwin,

    I asked my son James about that. He works at Microsoft as well as following the gamer news. He says it wasn’t really banned. Some people complained about it and MS withdrew the ad in response to the complaints.

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