Quote of the day–T. Peter Pierce

It’s the county’s position that the panel did not need to reach the issue of whether the Second Amendment is incorporated to apply to state and local governments. It’s the county’s hope that that’s what attracted the court’s attention.

T. Peter Pierce
Of Richards, Watson & Gershon
July 30, 2009
9th Circuit Giving Gun Case Another Look
[In other words, “We hope the Second Amendment only applies to people residing in Washington D.C.” If he had said a similar sort of thing about the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth or 13th Amendments he would have been, and justifiably so, told he needed to find new employement as a janitor, santitation engineer, or Chinese target stand. But he didn’t. He was talking about the Second Amendment which is somehow “different”. I wonder why…

There are people on our side of the issue that are quite anxious about what this might mean as well. David HardySebastian, and Eugene Volokh have a few words to say about it. Oral arguments will occur the week of September 21st and we might get a clue as to the outcome.–Joe]