Quote of the day–Martin Armstrong

Most of the central banks have a lot of PHDs, with no real world experience. They have read books, but have not been in the trench to “feel” what it is truly like. This is why government employees rarely have anything worthwhile that will ever contribute to society. There is not a single economic statistic that is even valid, no less any plausible guide as to what is going on. There are manipulated so much to try and influence the “public confidence” that it becomes a joke.

Martin Armstrong
July 10, 2009
The Goldman Sachs Conspiracy. The Real Dark Pool. Page 4.
[Sent to me by Chet with the comment, “Tinfoil Hat needed?”

I told him my hat was double lined already.–Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Martin Armstrong

  1. This fellow Armstrong seems to be quite a character. I noticed that the return address on the report you linked to was to an inmate in a Federal prison, and googled him.

  2. He’s right. I’ve been covering Goldman Sucks as well. And as for the government, anything a government touches curls up and dies.

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